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New Halas has only one faction associated with it, The City of New Halas. All of these tasks are available to good aligned characters and will raise your standing with this faction.

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Levels 10-20

Speak to Naiish Wulfrage inside the White Lodge in the Frostfang Sea.

Levels 20-30

Speak to Orrim Thest outside the Coldwind Hall in the Frostfang Sea.

Levels 30-40

Speak to Vidkole Thartium outside the Glacierbane's Vault in the Frostfang Sea.

Levels 40-50

Speak to Wolfom Bonetooth inside Coldwind Hall in the Frostfang Sea.

Levels 50-60

Speak to Wendy Spearhook inside Pilgrims' Hearth in the Frostfang Sea.

Levels 60-70

Speak to Sharky Davis outside Wolf's Wrath in the Frostfang Sea.

Rise of Kunark

Levels 70 - 80

Speak to Verner Ormarr at Dreg's Landing dock in Kylong Plains.

The Shadow Odyssey

Levels 70 - 80

Speak to Krodin at 1590,453,897 at the Dropship Landing Zone in Moors of Ykesha.

Sentinel's Fate

Levels 80 - 90

Speak to Lady Vienna Sanditerra at the western lift in The City of Paineel in The Sundered Frontier. If you haven't already, you will need to complete Establishing a Basecamp (80) before you can access this quest giver.

Destiny of Velious

Levels 87 - 90

February 22, 2011

Klaidar of Erollis - in The Temple of Brell at 490, -214, 265 .

Non-Velous Level 90-95

Oscar Maxton - in Thurgadin Harbor in Great Divide at 1282, -533, 509

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Age of Malice

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