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Searing Gorge is a contested zone in the Eastern Kingdoms for players of levels 43-52. The Searing Gorge is also home to the Thorium Brotherhood and the Dark Iron dwarves.

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While there are no instances technically in the Searing Gorge, Blackrock Mountain lies between it and the Burning Steppes. Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, the Molten Core and Blackwing Lair are found there.

Travel Paths

There are two flight paths for both Horde and Alliance players at Thorium Point.

Thorium Point

Subzones of Searing Gorge

Blackchar Cave Blackrock Mountain The Cauldron Dustfire Valley Grimesilt Dig Site Firewatch Ridge
The Sea of Cinders The Slag Pit Stonewrought Pass Tanner Camp Thorium Point


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