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The Planetary Atlas contains full information on all AFS-Controlled worlds and stations. Information on Bane-controlled territory is Need-To-Know TS codeword Ribbon Blade.

Be prepared to present your ID and security clearance documents to the Archivist upon demand.

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Foreas differs from Earth only in minor ways. There is a rich concentration of oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere, the temperatures are habitable in many areas, and food is abundant. Forests and rich waterways are found throughout Concordia, where many Forean settlements are located. This is perhaps the ideal locale for non-combat deployment. If the Bane can be fully eradicated from this territory, it is likely that human re-population could proceed here.

Foreas is a lush, forested planet, much like the Tropical Rainforest's of Earth and a large variety of life, both flora an fauna, are abundant on Foreas. Streams and lakes dot the landscape as well. The sky in Foreas is dominated by a bright orange sun, which sustains the thick foliage on the planet.




Arieki is a harsh and beautiful world about which there is much still to learn. The planet is populated by a diverse criminal element, likely part of a penal colony, and the environment does not make life pleasant. Lava flows, harsh mountains, poor growing land, electric storms, and vicious wildlife dominate this landscape. Large areas of Arieki are very barren and rugged, pockmarked with numerous active volcanoes and volcanic fissures.

The sulfur content on the planet can make the atmosphere and weather perilous. However, because it is part of the make up of key amino acids, sulfur is a necessary component of all living cells. As a result, a rugged brand of life has evolved over eons on Arieki.



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