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Traits are acquired by completing profession challenges scattered throughout the world. Each profession focuses on different activities to develop his or her traits; for example, warriors train physically, bash stuff, eat stuff, and drink stuff, while elementalists seek ancient knowledge locked in tomes or particularly powerful elemental locations. Discovering or earning traits does not necessarily require participation in events.

Each trait can be individually collected, there are no traits which require another trait to unlock access.

Several dozen traits can be selected for use at one time, however the final number will depend on the profession.

Each trait line has a limited number of selection slots available to be filled. Each selection slot has a type, major or minor, which accepts a trait of the same type.[1] Traits can be selected into each line, however the traits are only activated if appropriate. For example, axe traits can be equipped by a warrior but they will only be active if the warrior is wielding an axe.

The selection of traits may be changed easily when out of combat. A trait may be disallowed from PvP play for balance reasons.

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