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Travel in WAR can be accomplished in at least three confirmed ways:

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On foot

It's the simple thing to do. All careers have a sprint ability that allow them to run faster for a limited time.


Player Mounts are the primary form of free-roaming fast transport in WAR. Travel routes are great when you want to get from Point A to Point B, but nothing beats a trusty warhorse if you want to take a journey that is off the beaten path! Players will have a variety of options when it comes to choosing and using a mount, including unique mount types for each race and temporary "rental" mounts for low level players. However, you will have to be careful when riding your trusty steed across the battlefield. You definitely don't want to be thrown from your horse because you tried to ride it into a lake. And you certainly don't want to get shot off the back of your steed as you ride into battle.

  • You can purchase mounts at City Stables at Rank 20.
  • Gives users a significant speed increase of 50%.
  • Cannot use in buildings, caves, or other interiors.
  • Cannot use in deep water, or in some areas and zones.
  • Cannot use any abilities or enter into combat while mounted.
  • Characters attacked while mounted, will be dismounted most of the time.

Types of Mounts

Order RaceMount Type
EmpireEmpire Warhorse
High ElvesElven Steed

Destruction RaceMount Type
GreenskinsWar Boar (Orcs) or War Wolf (Goblins)
ChaosChaos Mount or Enslaved Disk (Magus)
Dark ElvesCold One


Available only through the Recruit-a-Friend Program, players who recruit six subscribers are awarded with a special mount based on their allegiance.

Fast travel

There several forms of fast travel, flight-type transportation. All characters have access to all fast travel anywhere they wish without needing to have been there before. Each army has access to its own method of fast travel.

  • The armies of Order use Dwarfen Gyrocopters.
  • The armies of Destruction use Wyverns.

Allied Fast Travel

If you desire, it is possible to quickly get from the starting area of your army to the starting area of an allied army if, for example, you wish to play with a friend who wanted to play a different race. If you know your way around the zones, you can run through the starter areas to the first warcamp and travel from there to your capital city. From your capital city, you can travel to your friend's first warcamp and run down to his starting area.

Check out this guide for maps explaining how to traverse the dangerous country on your way to the Tier 1 Warcamps!

Flight Masters

Destruction Tier 1

Order Tier 1

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