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The Armory page of the Tome of Knowledge tracks your acquisition of set armor pieces. You can also view the names, stats, and slot-locations of the not yet obtained pieces of each set. Each completed set grants an achievement and an associated title. Check our our Renown Items Guide for more information about obtaining RvR armor for your class!

Consignment Sets

Tracker's Set

Stalker's Set

Public Quest Sets

Carnage Set

Havoc Set

Mayhem Set

Ruin Set

PvE Sets

Keeper's Set

Redeye Set

Bloodlord Set

Sentinel Set

Darkpromise Set

RvR Sets

Decimator Set

Obliterator Set

Devastator Set

Annihilator Set

Conqueror's Set

Invader Set

Warlord Set

Sovereign Set

Warhammer Online

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