Cenarion Circle  

The Cenarion Circle is a collective of druids, both Tauren and Night Elf. They take their name in honor of Cenarius and are dedicated to the protection of nature from all that would do it harm.

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Notable NPCs

Some of the more well known members of the Circle include:


There are many Circle outposts, but their main home is the town of Nighthaven in Moonglade. Due to their affinity with nature, Druids are taught the ability to teleport to Nighthaven at level 10, but other classes are required to travel through Felwood and the Timbermaw tunnels. The only other alternative to this is to wait for the Lunar Festival, which coincides with Chinese New Year, and complete a simple quest from any pre-BC capital to receive the Lunar Festival Invitation. This is a special occasion that should not be missed!

Expedition to Outland

After the opening of The Dark Portal to Outland, the Cenarion Circle sent an expedition to explore this uncharted new world. As time passed, these explorers grew self sufficient and less reliant on their parent outpost and became their own faction, separate yet connected to the Cenarion Circle. This faction has become known as the Cenarion Expedition.

Reputation and quests

The Cenarion Circle offers large numbers of quests to all with Neutral or better reputation with them. For example, Moonglade alone has three quest chains for druids at level 10, 14 and 16 respectively. They also provide many level quests for all characters in both Dire Maul and Silithus. Cenarion Hold and Valor's Rest serve as the quest hub for Silithus and both wings of Ahn'Qiraj. Additionally, representatives of the Circle in Desolace offer quests for Maraudon.

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