Combat (Rift)  

Combat in Rift is similar to most MMORPGs. Players have to target an enemy and then select abilities from their hotbars. However, Rift will feature a global cooldown which triggers after any skill or ability is used as shown in the latest GameTrailers video.

  • Right-Click will begin Auto-attack, it will also send in your combat pet into the fray.
  • Mobs with Green names will not be attackable and are friendly with you.
  • Mobs with Yellow names will not attack you unless you attack them first/trigger an event.
  • Mobs with Red names will attack you if you get within a certain range of them.

Global Cooldown

Many spells are linked to a global cooldown, this means that you can only cast one spell at most once per second.

You can queue a spell up to half a second before the current spell completes, this is stored server side and the queued spell will happen as soon as it can with the combat rules.


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