Combat Fundamentals (WAR)  

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Combat Theatres

  • Scenarios: Instanced, point-based battles balanced with NPC Dogs of War

  • Campaigns: The invasion of enemy lands culminating in the assault on their capital city

Action Points

Action points determine the rate at which characters can use actions - skills, spells, etc. Action points recharge gradually over time, with a higher rate of recharge when your character is not involved in combat. To compare it with another game's similar mechanics, World of Warcraft's rogue has something called energy that has a "absolute" value 100 (can get more from items/talents).

Unlike WoW, all characters in WAR use Action Points. You will have a max value of Action Points (at the moment 500, but most likely to change). This max value will most likely not increase at higher levels, so therefore the costs will neither. Currently, the costs for actions range from 8 to 130 Action Points, depending on many factors like the effect of an attack.



When a player dies, there will be no experience loss, but you will be affected with ressurection sickness. After death has occurred, you will mainly have two ways to be resurrected.

1. From certain spells/abilities, you will spawn at the spot you died.

2. To a designated spawn point such as a graveyard or a camp. Note; there will be no corpse running / shadow running in WAR.

Resurrection Sickness

If you die, you will be inflicted with a time-based attribute penalty that will become increasingly severe with more deaths (for example, a 10% Wounds debuff for 10 minutes). Each death increases this penalty by 10% and restarts the timer. This debuff can be removed by an NPC called a Healer for a small fee. Re-spawning in Scenario does not yield resurrection sickness.

War Machines

Siege Weapons are items used for the intent purpose of, well, war! Many of these tools and machines are found within all the faction groups.

Warhammer Online

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