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Just like the mission system, conquests have a direct impact on your nation. In conquests, nations compete to rule over specific regions. Each region is made up of up to eight smaller areas. Your role is to fight beastmen and monsters for the honor and glory of your nation.

Influence over each region changes hands on a weekly basis between Windurst, Bastok, San d'Oria and the beastmen. Control over a region is determined by several factors including the number of monsters killed in each region.

The conquest tally -- which determines who controls each region -- occurs every Monday at 0:00 a.m. Japanese Standard Time.


A nation's "influence" depends on the number of regions under its control, and has a large impact on its economic status. As a player, you will receive points as you participate in the conquest, allowing you to obtain special items as your conquest points increase.

Once a region comes under your nation's control, border guards will be dispatched to stand guard there. These guards play a vital role in supporting the crystal-gathering activities of players. The more regions your nation controls, the more prosperous it will become. And a strong nation will surely result in innumerable benefits for adventurers like you.


Let us take a brief look at the historical origins of the conquest in Vana'diel. Although there has been a marked decrease in large-scale coordinated attacks from the beastmen since the end of the Crystal War, constant sweeps are required to hunt down wandering bands of beastmen that threaten small villages and travelers. Yet the nations of Vana'diel are exhausted from the war, and continue to harbor doubts about their allies. As such, they are reluctant to dispatch large numbers of their own troops to deal with the problem.

Troubled by the situation, Grand Duke Kam'lanaut of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno proposed the conquest system. This awards the right to control a region to the nation that contributed the most to ensure its safety. As the nation of Jeuno is a crossroads of trade and does not desire any further territory of its own, it acts as the impartial judge and sponsor of the conquest.

The representatives of the three great nations of Vana'diel gathered in Selbina, and agreed that a force was needed to deal with the beastmen scourge. The representatives signed the "Selbina Pact for Conquest." Since then, each nation's border guards have been authorized to deputize adventurers of the same allegiance to participate in the conquest. This has ushered in a new era in the history of Vana'diel: the Age of Adventurers.

In-Game Explanation


All three nations are striving daily to put more regions under their control. This is what we call "conquests." You can take part in it and serve your country by defeating enemies while you have Signet cast on you.

Each region comprises several areas, and the nation that rids those areas of the most monsters gains control of the region. Nations receive goods and resources from regions under their control. So, the more regions we control, the richer our nation becomes.

Border guards are also placed in outposts within regions under our control. They are there to cast Signet on adventurers like yourself. Once you have your nation's Signet, you will be able to acquire crystals from enemies you defeat. Not only that, but you will also receive conquest points. You get more conquest point if you defeat enemies in regions that are not under your nation's control. Their points can be used to purchase items from guards like myself.

So you see...conquests benefit nations and adventurers alike. We expect you to do the best to serve your country.

Conquest Results

Region Info Map
Region Info Map

You can see the current state of conquests by selecting "Region Info" from the main menu. Conquest results in all regions are regularly recalculated, so you may want to check them from time to time.

Shops in our city will be selling different items according to our conquest rank. The Troupe Valeriano will also visit the nation that finishes first and bring a little joy to its citizens.

Donating Crystals

We would like you to donate crystals to your nation from now on. Just trade them to guards like myself, and we will ensure they are sent to the proper place. You can acquire crystals by defeating enemies while you have your nation's Signet. Having Signet cast on you is also the only way of taking part in conquests.

Rank points will be awarded to you for each crystal you donate, and you may be offered new missions as your rank goes up. You also receive rank points for completing missions. Complete missions and take part in conquests to raise your rank and serve your country.

Conquest Points

You are awarded conquest points when you defeat monsters while you are taking part in conquests. Select "Region Info" from the menu to check your current number of conquest points. You can purchase items from guards like myself with your conquest points, but be warned that the number of points you spend will be subtracted from your current total.

Controlling Regions

When conquest results are announced, you will be told which country controls the region you are in at that time. Sometimes regions may become neutral, or beastmen may even gain control of regions. If we gain control of a region, border guards will be placed at its outposts to help adventurers like you. Merchants will also be placed there, and goods from that region will find their way to the local shops here.

Gaining control of regions is the basic principle behind conquests. We need each of you to do your best, and bring our nation to the top of the ranks.

Control by Other Nations

Of course, sometimes we lose regions to other we must try to take them back before the next conquest results are announced. As an incentive, we will award you with more conquest points for defeating monsters in those regions. But if we are allied with another nation, you will only be awarded the regular rate for defeating monsters in our allies' regions. On the other hand, we will award you with more points for fighting in the top-ranked nation's regions.

Beastmen Control

Our paramount concern lies in the beastmen gaining control of our regions. If too many of us are defeated in a region, the beastmen will gain control of it. If this happens, not only is it a great blow to our pride, but you will be unable to acquire any crystals in that region.

The beastmen are a menace to all nations. If they rise to power, we must all unite and drive those vile creatures from that region.

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