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Cooking (Secondary Profession)
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Get your Cooking skill up in 2 hours for Alliance players

If you haven't used cooking yet - then get on with it - because it gives you +12 Stamina & +12 Spirit for 15 min. I first started with this at level 45, so this guide is for all, but the time is for lvl 45+.

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  1. Get the recipe Herb Baked Egg at a cooking trainer: Go to Westfall, kill the birds in Moonbrook cemetery - they repop very, very fast and collect the eggs. You have to get 50 to 55 eggs to get your cooking skill to level 50. (takes roughly 15 mins)
  2. Get the recipe Boiled Clams (skill level 50) at a cooking trainer. Go to Darkshore, kill all the Young Reef Crawlers and the Tide Crawlers on the beach and collect the Clam Meat (inside Clams) and the Crawler Meat. You have to get 25 to 30 Clam Meat to get your cooking skill to level 75. And 50-55 Crawler Meat. (takes 45 mins)
  3. Get the recipe Crab Cake (skill 75) at a cooking trainer: Use the Crawler Meat from Darkshore to get your cooking skill to level 125. (0 mins (you got that))
  4. Get the recipe Goblin Deviled Clams (skill 125) at a cooking traine: Go to Wetlands, kill the Bluegills (not far from town at the lost fleet) and get the Tangy Clam Meat (inside Clams) You have to get 75-100 Tangy Clam Meat to get your skill to 200. (takes 60 mins)
  5. Get the recipe Spider Sausage (skill 200) at a cooking trainer: Go to Dustwallow Marsh, kill the Darkmist Spider (they are outside a cave to NW) and collect White Spider Meat. You just get as many as you like, you don't need to get anymore skills points in cooking. That's it - +12 Stamina & +12 Spirit.


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