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You can only have two active crafting disciplines at a time, but you can learn them all and progress in one is not lost when you change your active disciplines! Any Master can teach his profession and he will also allow you to make one you already know inactive if needed to learn the new one. Presumably he can also do the same to make his disciple active if you already know it.

You do not have to move Materials to your inventory to craft. You can leave them in your Bank or Collections. The resulting product will, however, be placed in your inventory.

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There is actually no minimum level to harvest a resource node. If you can survive in the zone and have a good enough tool you can harvest. The tools do, however, have a minimum level to be able to use that tool. Level does affect chance to harvest rares or multiples. Chances increase as your level increases beyond the minimum to use that tool. Higher-level tools can be used to harvest all resource nodes from lower-level zones (but they cost more, too).

When you are near a resource node, such as Copper Ore, just press "F" to start harvesting, but you must have at least one consumable harvesting tool of the correct type equipped for each tick of harvesting (one to three ticks per node). If that Copper Ore node lets you take 3 whacks at it, that will cost you 3 Copper Picks!

All harvests have a chance to give you some variety of Weed, Ruined Plant Fiber, Ruined Logs, or Ruined Ore Chunks when you first start harvesting in a new tier. These are vendor trash. The chance of trash gets less as your level rises within that tier. You will also get mostly trash (2 to 1) if you are using a tool that is from a tier too low to harvest the resource. You will NOT get a warning!

In addition to the tools in the table, below, there are Black Lion tools that can harvest any tier at any level and have an increased chance of finding rare materials. These are available from some zone map completion rewards, and may one day be for sale at the Black Lion Trading Company (cash shop).

Resource node locations are static, but their is a cooldown before you can harvest the same location. The real trick to this system is that no one can "steal your node". If five people all arrive at the Copper Ore at the same moment and start whacking all five get to harvest, then cannot harvest the same rock for some time. It will appear "dark" to them

Rich resource nodes, such as Rich Copper Vein, have a better chance to yield gems and other rare items in addition to their normal yield. And don't always "go dark" immediately, letting you harvest multiple times (10 total "whacks").

Many of the rarer vegetables will have a specific location in the world, called a Farm, with 10 or so of that plant. many times the Farm will be in a hard to get to location or be guarded by a monster. Some of these rarer vegetables are also Account Bound.

11CopperBlueberries, Button Mushrooms, Onions, Carrots, Herb Seedlings (Head of Garlic), Potatoes, LettuceAspen, Kertch, Ekku (Green Wood Log)Copper OreCaledon Forest, Metrica Province, Queensdale, Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts
210IronTaproots (Beets, Carrots, etc.), Spinach, Strawberries, Herb Sprouts, Clams. Gummo, Mimosa, Snow Cherry (Soft Wood Log)Iron Ore, Silver OreKessex Hills, Brisban Wildlands, Snowden Drifts, Gendarran Fields, Lornar's Pass, Harathi Hinterlands, Bloodtide Coast
320SteelZuchinis, Kale, Root Vegetables (Beets, Turnips, Yams, etc.), Mushrooms, Young Herbs (Head of Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Thyme Leaves, Rosemary Sprig, etc.), Grapes, CabbageTukawa, Fir (Seasoned Wood Log)Gold OreHarathi Hinterlands, Lornar's Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Bloodtide Coast
430DarksteelBlackberries, Variegated Taproots (Carrots, Rutabagas), Scallions (Onions), Portobello Mushrooms, Mature Herbs (Mint Leaves, Black Peppercorns), Sugar Pumpkins, Cauliflower, CoralBanyan, Pine, Inglewood (Hard Wood Log)Platinum OreBloodtide Coast, Timberline Falls, Mount Maelstrom, Sparkfly Fen
545MithrilAsparagus, Cayenne Peppers, Leeks, Winter Root vegetables, Verdant Herbs, Raspberrues, Butternut Squash, ArtichokesRed Oak, Cypress, Baoba (Elder Wood Log)Mithril OreSparkfly Fen, Mount Maelstrom, Straits of Devastation
660OrichalcumAll plants (Tarragon Leaves, Lemongrass, etc.)All saplings (Ancient Wood Log)Orichalcum OreMalchor's Leap, Cursed Shore, Frostgorge
BTeamGaming has a Googlemap with all the harvest node locations and best mob-drop farming locations marked. Excellent map and one helluva job. Good work!


TierClothLeatherHard MetalSoft MetalWoodGemstones

In addition to the above Basic materials (some harvested, some found), you will get many Fine Crafting Materials (that's the Collection category for them), such as Vial of Weak Blood and Pile of Glittering Dust, as mob drops. Be sure to just toss all of them into Colelctions as you will need them later. Every single crafting Discipline uses them for something. There are eight types of these and six tiers. A very few mob-dropped mats, such as Onyx Sliver, have no slot in Collections and will have to be kept in your bank, used, or sold as you find them.

You will often get non-vendor trash mob-drops labelled "Salvage Item, Trophy" (such as Thin Leather Strap). These can be sold but you can use a Salvage Kit on them to get Crafting Materials!

Also, many mobs will drop small bags (for example, Small Supply Bag) that can be opened to reveal Crafting Materials. These will yield a higher percentage of Fine Crafting Materials than the Salvage Items.

IVial of Weak BloodBone ChipTiny ClawPile of Glittering DustTiny FangTiny ScaleTiny TotemTiny Venom Sac
IIVial of Thin BloodBone ShardSmall ClawPile of Shimmering DustSmall FangSmall ScaleSmall TotemSmall Venom Sac
IIIVial of BloodBoneClawPile of Radiant DustFangScaleTotemVenom Sac
IVVial of Thick BloodHeavy BoneSharp ClawPile of Luminous DustSharp FangSmooth ScaleEngraved TotemFull Venom Sac
VVial of Potent BloodLarge BoneLarge ClawPile of Incandescent DustLarge FangLarge ScaleIntricate TotemPotent Venom Sac
VIVial of Powerful BloodAncient ChipVicious ClawPile of Crystalline DustVicious FangArmored ScaleElaborate TotemPowerful Venom Sac


As in many games, Raw materials must be refined before they can be used. For example, Green Wood Logs can be refined into Green Wood Planks, which can then be made into Green Wood Dowels. Since higher recipes may need any one of the intermediate materials, it is best to refine materials a single step only, for storage, then refine them higher only as you need them. When you are refining a large stack of raw materials, the crafting process will accelerate after the first craft. There are minimum skill requirements for the refining processes but you will receive the recipes automatically when you reach the correct tier.


On any crafting workstation UI there are four tabs on the left side: Discovery, Production, Bank and Collections.

  • Discovery: Place two to four materials into the panel and you might discover a new recipe! Each time you make a change it will tell you how many unknown recipes the parts you currently have might make. Once you find one that is recognizable you must craft it once to permanently learn the recipe.
  • Production: Here is where you craft with recipes you already know.
  • Bank: Store stuff until you need it. Items in your bank are available to all characters on the same account.
  • Collections: There are slots here for every crafting material you can think of! Even for ones you don't use, so don't throw away ANYTHING labled material if you can possibly help it, but remember to move them from Inventory to Collections at the next town! If you go to your Inventory an click on Settings (the gear icon in the upper right) the first option is Deposit All Collectibles. With one click this will clean out your bags and fill up your Collections. Items in your Collections are available to all characters on the same account.


Masters for training, as well as Crafting Stations, for all crafting professions can be found at the following locations. They also have a Trading Post (unless noted) so you can buy materials and sell your products.

Black CitadelCanton FactoriumXXXX
Plains of AshfordAshford ForumXXXX
Fields of RuinStronghold of EbonhawkeXXXX
Divinity's Reach XXXX
Lion's ArchCanal WardXXXX
Divinity's ReachDistrict PromenadeXXXX
QueensdaleTownship of ClaypoolXXXX
Maguuma Jungle
The GroveMaker's TerraceXXXX
Rata Sum XXXX
Caledon ForestMabon MarketXX X
Metrica ProvinceDesider AtumXX X
Sparkfly FenZintl Holy GroundsXX X
Brisban WildlandsSkrittsburgh CenterXXXX
Shiverpeak Mountains
HoelbrakTrade CommonsXXXX
Wayfarer FoothillsTwinspur HavenXXXX
Ruins of Orr

Skill Levels

TierRankSkill Levels


Discipline Equipment Upgrades Other Recipes
Armorsmith Heavy armor
(Used by soldiers)
Runes Inventory boxes GuildHead Recipes DB
Artificer Magical weapons
(Foci, staves, scepters, and tridents)
Sigils Potions GuildHead Recipes DB
Chef Food
GuildHead Recipes DB
Huntsman Wooden weapons and firearms
(Harpoon guns, longbows, pistols, rifles, shortbows, torches, and warhorns)
Sigils GuildHead Recipes DB
Jeweler Jewelry
(Earrings, necklaces, and rings)
Jewels GuildHead Recipes DB
Leatherworker Medium armor
(Used by adventurers)
Runes Leather bags GuildHead Recipes DB
Tailor Light armor
(Used by scholars)
Runes Cloth bags GuildHead Recipes DB
Weaponsmith Metal weapons
(Axes, daggers, greatswords, hammers, maces, shields, spears, swords)
Sigils GuildHead Recipes DB


  • All Karma Vendors in Hoelbrak and Black Citadel sell Basil Leaf and Bell Pepper for 6 , and Ginger Roots for 9 . We assume the karma vendors in The Grove, Rata Sum and Divinity's Reach do as well.
  • Tier 1: Garnet=Power, Amber=Condition Damage, Turquoise=Vitality, Pearl =Healing Power, Malachite=Toughness and Tiger's Eye=Precision

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