Crafting Materials (Rift)  

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Vendor Purchased
Unstable Flux
Stable Flux
Minor Flux
Major Flux
Coarse Grinding Stone
Fine Grinding Stone
Superior Grinding Stone
Premium Grinding Stone
Rock Salt
Coarse Thread
Plain Thread
Fine Thread
Silken Thread
Gilded Thread
Bone Oil
Creature Oil
Creeperseed Oil
Neatsfoot Oil
Mineral Oil
Heavy Lacquer
Light Varnish
Animal Glue

Vendor Purchased
Steeled Cord
Runewoven Cord
Composite Cord
Sinew Cord
Empty Glass Bottle
Empty Glass Flask
Empty Crystal Bottle
Empty Crystal Flask
Empty Runed Bottle
Empty Runed Flask
Aqua Fortis
Aqua Regia
Caustic Blend
Corrosive Blend
Low Grade Sulfur
Standard Grade Sulfur
High Grade Sulfur
Top Grade Sulfur
Cloudy Extract
Pure Extract
Bubbling Extract
Potent Extract

Soft Hide
Thin Hide
Medium Hide
Heavy Hide
Thick Hide
Exotic Hide

Coastal Glory
Yew Timber
Creeperbrush Roots
Ashwood Timber
Oak Log
Mahogany Log
Kingswood Log
Runebirch Log
Sagebrush Timber

Tin Ore
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Silver Ore
Chromite Ore
Carmintium Ore
Gold Ore
Titanium Ore
Cobalt Ore

Mob Dropped
Burlap Cloth
Cotton Cloth
Wool Cloth
Linen Cloth
Silk Cloth
Composite Cloth
Spellspun Silk
Witchweave Cloth
(crafted, runebreak, salvaged, etc)
Bolt of Burlap Bolt of Cotton Bolt of Wool Bolt of Linen
Bolt of Silk Bolt of Composite Cloth Bolt of Spellspun Silk Bolt of Witchweave
Soft Leather Thin Leather Medium Leather Heavy Leather
Thick Leather Exotic Leather Soulbind Leather Steeled Leather
Yew Plank Ashwood Plank Oak Lumber Mahogany Lumber
Kingswood Lumber Runebirch Lumber Sagebrush Lumber Carmintium Bar
Chromite Bar Cobalt Bar Copper Bar Gold Bar
Iron Bar Silver Bar Tin Bar Titanium Bar
Flickering Shard Flickering Powder Flickering Crystal Kinetic Arc


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