Dalaran Arena (WoW)  

The Dalaran Arena was introduced to the game with Wrath of the Lich King and much like the other new Arena zone, has a lot more going on than the older one.

The Arena is set in the sewer of the city, with both side starting in pipes. Shortly after the game starts, powerful blast of water pushes any player still in the pipe down into the arena, preventing the use of the starting zone line of sight abuse common in Lordaeron.

The Arena itself has a square like shape, with an elevated platform in the middle. You need to use the flight of stairs positioned on each side near the starting area of each team in order to get on on the platform. Jumping off the platform to try and create distance with a pursuer or using it to break LoS is a valid tactic. The Platform also has two piles of crates at opposed sides (near the stairs), which can be used to hide behind and create line of sight issue.

The middle of the platform has a grate in it, and a burst of water comes out from it randomly. The bursts pushes back people who are standing on the grate and prevent anybody from stepping on it while it occurs, essentially creating a 'central pillar' in the middle of the room for a few seconds.

Like all Arenas, after 5 minutes, 2 Shadow Sight power ups will appear on the side of the arena. When a player touch the power up, he gets a debuff that greatly increase his stealth detection but also increase all damage taken by 5% for several seconds.

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