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Dofus is a 2-D Flash based Tactical MMORPG developed in France by ANKAMA. Billed as a tactical game in an interactive comic book work, in the lands of Amakna, you can choose to play characters as diverse as Sadidas' Shoe, Xelor's Hourglass (they manipulate time), Osamodas' Whip and Enutrof's Finger (they're great treasure hunters!).

Anagrams abound and players can expect giggles galore as they explore the beautifully rendered lands of Amakna and meet the dangerous denizens of the Jelly Dimension, Daisy Dungeon and Wabbit Island. Fighting in Dofus is turn based but fast paced. During combat, players may join in to form a team and have only so much time to use up their movement and action points

Stylistically beautiful, Dofus provides the types of game play that many MMORPG players have come to expect to find. Here, players can find combat, PvP, Quests, solo and group play, a diverse character and profession (tradeskill) system, a trading system which allows barter, player housing, pets, player mounts and customizing of your character through acquisitions of visible gear.

The only question is: are you up to the challenges of this game? Can you emerge victorious in combat while hampered by laughter at the sly innuendos and silly Easter eggs found throughout this game? Players looking for light hearted fun in their gaming will find this game endlessly fascinating.

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