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Dragon Nest is a free to play MMORPG produced by EyeDentity Games and distributed by Nexon. It is very action packed with high speed combat and amazing attack combos. You view your character in the third person and use a cross hair to aim at your targets. This provides you with absolute control over your character and all of it's surroundings.

NX, or Nexon Coins, are purchased with real money or earned by completing surveys or offers and can be used in the Dragon Vault to purchase gear and costumes, and to enhance your weapons and equipment.

DNArmory (a ZAM Network site) hosts a database of information. This wiki is not intended to duplicate that, but to supplement it with guides to help arrange the information in ways that make it more useful.

Use DNArmory to see what monsters drop what, or what potentials on an item can be unlocked with sparks. Also, be sure to check out the Skill Calculator so you can make good use of your free level 15 respec. If you do not plan what skills you want to get, in advance, many of the better class skills will be unreachable!


There are five main classes from which to choose: Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Tinkerer and Sorceress. When you reach level 15 you will be able to choose one of two Primary Specializations, and one of two Secondary Specializations at 45.

Class Specializations
Primary (15)Secondary (45)
WarriorSwordsman Gladiator
Mercenary Barbarian
Abyss Walker
Dark Knight
Archer Sharpshooter Sniper
Acrobat Windwalker
ClericPaladin Guardian
Priest Saint
SorceressElementalist Pyromancer
Ice Witch
Mystic War Mage
Chaos Mage
TinkererAlchemist Adept
Engineer Gearmaster
Shooting Star
Advancement at launch is currently capped at 32, so Secondary Specializations are not, yet, available. There are also 4 "unreleased" Primary Specializations mentioned in this article on Bright Hub.

Quests and Commissions

One of the best ways to level in Dragon Nest is by participating in quests. They provide you with gold, experience points, and potentially beneficial items. An NPC will have a quest for you when you see the "!" above their head. Simply go up to them and left click when you see the "..." icon appear.

Also, every Dungeon Hub has an Adveturers League Commission Board outside, so always check for any available Commissions before you enter to get that extra dose of EXP!

DNArmory now has a database of quests so, here in the wiki, we will have a single Quest Series page per town that displays what quests are available and who gives them. All quest names are linked directly to DNArmory. Any comments, walkthrus, and other notes about quests should be made in the comments on the quest record in the DNArmory database.

See Category:Quest Series, Category:Quests, Category:Commissions


One of the biggest parts of this game is completing dungeons. This is the only time you will ever interact with monsters. A big majority of your questing will take place in dungeons. There you will have to defeat certain monsters, gather enough items, or save the life of a friend.

The Future

Dragon Nest has been out in Korea for a year and many new features are in the pipe for DN NA. Just check out this video of Zombie Mode!

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