Drakith Hatchery (Rift Encounter)  

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This is a five phase Fire Raid Rift event in Shimmersand. This event is started by using Lure: Drakith Hatchery at a Raid Rift Tear.

Phase 1

Each Drakith Spotter will be accompanied by a Drakith Hatchetman. The raid will stack on the Spotter as the damage from its ranged attacks increases with distance. This should also be ideally behind the Hatchetman, whose melee attack has a cleave. Ideally, the Spotter should die first. These mobs can be easily AoE'd down as a single pull.

Phase 2

Each Drakith Handler is accompanied by 2 Raptor Pets. The raptors have a charge which will stun a random player for 8 seconds. The raid should AoE as available and otherwise single-target the Drakith Handler.

Phase 3

Time Limit: 12 minutes

  • Noraux - 798k health
    • Cleave - Frontal-cone physical attack.
    • Charge - Random attack which stuns affected player for 10 seconds
    • Tailswipe - Rear-cone physical damage attack, knocks back affected player 10 meters.

Noraux is a fairly simple encounter. Tank should face him away from the raid. Noraux does a charge which will stun a random raider for 10 seconds. Melee should remain to one side of him as there is a tailswipe and a cleave.

Phase 4

Time Limit: 12 minutes

  • Durn Drakith -685k health
    • Mighty Cleave - Frontal-cone physical damage attack.
    • Explosive Prayer - Emoted AoE physical damage attack.
    • Tailswipe - Rear-cone physical damage attack, knocks back affected player 10 meters.
  • Shall Drakith - 685k health
    • Cleave -Frontal-cone physical damage attack.
    • Fireball - Single-target Fire damage attack.
    • Speading Flames - AoE frontal-cone Fire damage attack.
    • Tailswipe - Rear-cone physical damage attack, knocks back affected player 10 meters.

You will want two tanks for this encounter. Durn Drakith is the melee dragon with cleave and tailswipe. Shall Drakith is a mage with a rather severe AoE fire ability and should only be attacked by ranged DPS. Both tanks will require a dedicated healer.

It is important that both dragons be moved as far away from each other as possible. This is due to a beam which connects the Twin Dragons and will heal them both. It is also important to move both as far away from the altar as possible as once either dragon is near-death, it will run to the altar. If the other dragon is nearby, it will be healed for full health.

Durn will occasionally cast Explosive Prayer, which is an AoE ability with an emote which will one-shot any player. As soon as the emote is seen, the tank and melee should run away until the cast completes. The tank for Durn should quickly re-take aggro as Durn will attempt to run into range to re-establish the beam with Shall.

Shall will cast Spreading Flames (an AoE frontal cone fire attack) at the tank. As such it is important to try and face him away from the raid. Shall will also cast Fireball at a random raider. Shall is immune to most physical DPS attacks.

Phase 5

  • Skraal - 1.4 million health
    • Cleave - Frontal-cone physical attack.
    • Fire Stomp - Channeled AoE Fire attack.
    • Mature Dragon Fire - AoE frontal-cone Fire attack.
    • Melt Armor - Reduces armor value of Skraal's primary target.
    • Tailswipe - Rear-cone physical damage attack, knocks back affected player 10 meters.

Adds Spawned

  • Flamesprout

Skraal has several abilities to note. He will add stacks of Melt Armor onto the tank. This reduces armor value and your Main Tank and Off Tank will want to switch when the damage becomes intensive (~4 stacks). He will cast Mature Dragon Fire, an AoE frontal-cone fire attack. Skraal also has a tailswipe and a cleave, so melee will want to be spread out on either side of him.

Ranged DPS and healers should also be spread throughout the encounter. This is due to the Flamesprouts that will be summoned at every 10% health. These adds will focus a beam onto a random raider, causing increasing damage to the raider. It will then approach the raider and cast Implode which will attempt to draw in any nearby player before exploding. These have approximately 20k health and can be AoE'd if the raid is on the lower end of gear, or if the damage becomes too much for the healers.

Skraal will also cast Flame Stomp, an AoE Fire ability with a long channel. During this, the melee and inactive tank should move out of range. Healers will want single-target cooldowns for the tank during this.

Skraal has an Enchanted Air Shield, which resists 75% incoming magical damage. It is ineffective to have all raiders do melee damage due to the other mechanics. For this reason, Caster DPS should save all cooldowns for this phase.


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