Drakota World Event  

Drakota World Event
Quest Series
Starting ZoneMultiple
Next Prismatic Weapon Quest Series
EverQuest II
Quest Series
This World Event introduced the basic conflicts behind the Prismatic Weapon Quest Series which was the boss event for top-end content of the initial release, The Shattered Lands. It's also called the Roekillik Quest Series.

Pearl Honeywine for Good Characters in Qeynos Harbor or Mareva D'Iniv for Evil Characters in North Freeport

  1. The Wheel of Vaniki (Scales)
  2. Disturbance (Scales)
  3. Revelation (Scales)
  4. The Cost of Success (Scales)
  5. Harness (Scales)

NOTE: You will need to dismiss your Mercenary to enter the Mysterious Mine.

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