ENM and ISNM  

Riches, rare items and experience points await adventurers who are bold enough to face Empty Notorious Monsters and Imperial Standing Notorious Monsters -- also referred to as ENMs and ISNMs.

Much like BCNMs, players must trade an entry item to access these closed-off battlefields. Some ENMs can be won alone, while other ENMs may require entire alliances. No more than six people can enter an ISNM battlefield.

ENM battles are level capped. For example, players' levels are reduced to level 30 when entering an ENM30. On the other hand, players can choose whether to impose a level cap in place during ISNM fights. Setting a level cap allows higher-level players to party more effectively with lower-level players.

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ENM Battlefields

Level 30 ENMs

Level 40 ENMs

Level 50 ENMs

Level 60 ENMs

Level 75 ENMs

ISNM Battlefields

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