EQ2 Collection:Elements of Time  

A purple shiny!
A purple shiny!

The items in this collection are ground-spawn purple shinies with a ? over them in the zones listed unless noted differently below in the list of Items in this Collection.

When the collection is complete, you can turn it in to any Collector NPC for your reward and a very nice chunk of experience.

Items in this Collection

Collect these items near various Chronoportals during the Chronoportals Live Event, as indicated below. There are several static spawn locations near each portal. The spawn times are fairly quick and all the collectibles in a zone can happen at any spawn.

The collectibles stack and are tradable, so if you can't collect them yourself check the broker.

Antonica, Enchanted Lands, Thundering Steppes

Steamfont Mountains, Lavastorm, The Sinking Sands

Feerrott, Moors of Ykesha


8 Ancient Platinum Coins, which can be spent at the event merchants Distun Delki at 325, -14, 788 in Antonica and Erben Delki at -1039, -69, -593 in Commonlands.

Occurs annually during the anniversary of EverQuest.
(Introduced in 2013)

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