EQ2 Quest:A Cold-Hearted Snake  

EverQuest II
[Scales] A Cold-Hearted Snake (Solo)
Category: Lavastorm
To start:

Speak to Zubsugg at -225, -130, 378 in Lavastorm to begin this quest.

Zubsugg, a Sootfoot goblin in Lavastorm, is smitten with another goblin by the name of Gortblor, and has asked me to obtain cinder asp skins. He thinks they are the perfect gift to convince Gortblor to be his mate.

  1. Collect 12 cinder ash skins in the Goblet of Ro. They scale to your level.
    • Talk to the acolyte of flame at -200, -131, 365 to get a horse ride there
  2. Return to Zubsugg to complete the quest


The full dialogues to this quest are available in the lore section below.

Erollisi Day
Quest Series

Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.
(Introduced in 2015)

OOC The title of this quest is a nod to a Paula Abdul song, Cold Hearted.


These are the full dialogues of the quest when it was run on the Test server.

You say, "Hail, Zubsugg"
Zubsugg says to you, "No, no interrupt Zubsugg! Too busy thunking of gifties!"
You say to Zubsugg, "Thunking of gifties?"
Zubsugg says to you, "Yes, but making Zubsugg head hurt. Gortblor so pretty! Yes, yes. No more chitter-chat! Must thunk of gifties."
You say to Zubsugg, "Maybe I can help you? What comes to mind when you think of Gortblor?"
Zubsugg says to you, "Eyes red like flame. Teefers brown like dirt. Skin green like snot, and shiny like snake. Snake, yes! Zubsugg know good gifty!"
You say to Zubsugg, "Uh, oh. What?"
Zubsugg says to you, "Snakes! Slithery snake scales! All loves 'em! Gets Zubsugg snake skins, that be how you help!"
You say to Zubsugg, "Do you know what type of snake skin you want to give Gortblor?"
Zubsugg says to you, "Get much cinder asp skins as gifties for Zubsugg. They slither in footy path 'tween Wounds and Goblet of Ro."
You say to Zubsugg, "I'll get those cinder asp skins for you."

You say, "Hail, Zubsugg"
You gain 31 Alternate Advancement experience by completing a quest!
You gain 7800 XP!
Zubsugg says to you, "You bring Zubsugg much cinder asp skins! This so good! Gortblor bound to wanna be mate."
You receive Leather-Patched Heart Pillow.
You receive Erollisi coin.
You say to Zubsugg, "Good luck, Zubsugg."

You say, "Hail, Zubsugg"
Zubsugg says, "Cinder asp skins be so good! Gortblor bound to wanna be Zubsugg's mate."

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