EQ2 Quest:I Melt With You  

EverQuest II
[Scales] I Melt With You (Solo)
Category: Great Divide
To start:

Speak to Cippie at -1605, -535, -2424 in the Great Divide (Fina's Retreat) to begin this quest.

Cippie, an othmir within Fina's Retreat in the Icy Fingers of the Great Divide, is very concern for one of his kin, Kidder. Kidder should have returned a day ago from an imports run to the Sinking Sands. I've promised Cippie that I will investigate Kidder's absence right away!

  1. Talk to Stissa on the Fina's Retreat dock to be teleported to Sinking Sands
  2. Speak to Kidder in Sinking Sands ( -1444, -225, -425 )
  3. Get 8 pieces of wax from Tuwasp wax works within The Nursery in Greater Faydark (uncommon update, bixies scale to level) ( -112, -50, -610 )
  4. Return to Kidder in the Great Divide ( -1606, -535, -2423 ) to complete the quest.


The full dialogues to this quest are available in the lore section below.

Erollisi Day
Quest Series

Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.
(Introduced in 2015)

OOC The title of this quest is a nod to a Modern English song, I Melt With You.


These are the full dialogues of the quest when it was run on the Test server.

You say, "Hail, Cippie"
Cippie says to you, "Oh, bother! I apologize for my distraction. What were you saying, traveler?"
You say to Cippie, "I was simply saying hello, but what's on your mind?"
Cippie says to you, "It is Kidder, one of my kin, he hasn't returned from his last imports run for Chitter. I just don't know what could have happened to him. He should have been back a day ago!"
EDITOR'S NOTE: The wording "one of my kin" will be changed when this goes live. They're not blood relatives!
You say to Cippie, "Where did he go on this imports run?"
Cippie says to you, "Chitter says that he was sent to a dock of sands. Do you know where this may be?"
You say to Cippie, "The Sinking Sands. Yeah, I know it. There are other othmir there."
Cippie says to you, "Will you check on his wellbeing, please? I am beside myself with worry."
You say to Cippie, "Certainly, Cippie. I'll look for Kidder at the Sinking Sands dock area for you."

You have entered The Sinking Sands.
You say, "Hail, Kidder"
Kidder says to you, "Hail, fellow traveler! What brings you to this desert land?"
You say to Kidder, "You do! Or at least my search for you did. One of your kin, Cippie, is worried about you."
Kidder says to you, "Ah! I knew Cippie would worry when I didn't return when expected. You can't stop that soft-hearted snuggle pup from worrying!"
You say to Kidder, "He'll be relieved to know that you have not been hurt. What's delayed your return?"
Kidder says to you, "I've been waiting for a hunter to return. I hired him to obtain some bixie hive wax, from someplace called The Nursery, as a gift for my heart-bound."
You say to Kidder, "So, it wasn't exactly an imports run for Chitter?"
Kidder says to you, "Not exclusively, no. I really wanted this gift to be special, and a surprise. I have begun to suspect that the hunter was something less than trustworthy though."
You say to Kidder, "Especially if you had paid this hunter upfront."
Kidder says to you, "I have no choice. I'll have to return without the fresh bixie wax."
You say to Kidder, "Don't give up so quickly! I'll go to the Nursery in Greater Faydark, and get the bixie wax for you."
Kidder says to you, "You'd do that!? May Prexus bless you!"
You say to Kidder, "Now just go back to Fina's Retreat before Cippie worries himself to death! I'll meet you back there with the wax, I assure you."

You have entered Great Divide.
You say, "Hail, Kidder"
Kidder says to you, "I came back as soon as I could, Cyliena. Were you able to get the fresh bixie wax?"
You say to Kidder, "I did. I hope this is enough for you."
You gain 31 Alternate Advancement experience by completing a quest!
You gain 7800 XP!
Kidder says to you, "Oh my, yes! This is great! This will make quite a few candles. Cippie will be so delighted by the heart-bound display I will make for him. I cannot thank you enough!"
You receive \aITEM -1118853241 -524281539:Othmir Romantic Remembrance\/a.
You receive \aITEM -1262602360 54149009:Erollisi coin\/a.
You say to Kidder, "It was my pleasure, Kidder. May Erollisi bless you both!"

You say, "Hail, Kidder"
Kidder says, "Cippie really enjoyed the heart-bound display. Erollisi truly has blessed me this day!"

You say, "Hail, Cippie"
Cippie says, "Kidder told me how you helped him. Thank you! The gift was so touching!"

Kidder and Cippie in the Great Divide
Kidder and Cippie in the Great Divide

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