EQ2 Quest:Seeking a Profession IX  

This quest series is obsolete with the release of Rise of Kunark, November 13, 2007.

This follows Seeking a Tradeskill Profession VIII.

Create a Fashioned Lead Hoop and return to the Tradeskill Delegate.

(Fashioned Lead Hoop)

  • 1 Lead Cluster (mined)
  • 1 Raw Tin Cluster (mined)
  • 1 Coal (bought)
Made at a Work Bench Uses tradeskills: Mind Over Matter, Round Brilliant Cut, Focus of Spirit

Rewards: Artisan Essentials Volume 9 and an Artisan's Tunic.

This completes the Seeking a (Tradeskill) Profession Series. Once you are Artisan Level 9, speak to a Crafting Trainer to declare your Tradeskill Class.

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