EQ2 Quest:The Mariner's Lament  

This is not a quest in the true sense, as it does not appear in your quest journal.

  1. After completing the Qeynos Harbor Rumor Mill quest that you got from Theyeurn Farael, speak with Iriwyn Goldwane who stands right next to him.
  2. Complete her dialog, which mentions Samwell Brighton, the only survivor of the attack on the Leaky Drake.
  3. Speak with Samwell Brighton, who stands at the bar on the second floor of the Mermaid's Lure, the building directly on the docks next to Theyeurn and Iriwyn .
  4. Speak with Samwell about his survival of the attack and be kind and understanding during the conversation. You should hear him mention "poor Kay Foamdancer" who fishes on the docks just outside the Mermaid's Lure near the Sinking Sands carpet.
  5. Speak with Kay Foamdancer at length about how she mourns the loss of her father. Be understanding and kind through the whole conversation. At the end of the conversation she will give you the book the The Mariner's Lament as a way of saying thanks for listening and because she can't bear to keep it any longer after her father's death.

Reward: The Mariner's Lament

Qeynos Harbor Rumor Mill Kunark Rising
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