EQ2 Quest:Joining the Crew of the QSS Valiance  

This information is from Test prior to GU 38

This quest scales to the player's level; it is unknown if it has a minimum level.

The Admiral recruits you to join the crew of the QSS Valiance as they try to discover what precisely is destroying all of Qeynos's ships.

After accepting the quest, ring the Marinier's Bell (the Travel Outside of Qeynos Bell), and select Kunark Expedition to join the ship.

Upon zoning you find yourself on a ship. Speak to the Captian to initiate the encounter.

A ship sails up alongside and you are boarded. You cannot board the enemy ship.

There are four waves of attacks, the first three were two levels below me and the last, with the enemy Captain, was one level lower. The first wave boards, takes out some of the ship's crew, then becomes attackable.

The final encounter drops a little coin and a torn mariner's chart.

After killing the captain click the ships wheel to return to the Harbor and report to the Admiral.

The Admiral is pleased and asks you to take the chart to Cartographer Blanche near the Concordium Tower in South Qeynos.

Blanche is very excited about the chart. Return to the Admiral to tell him you delivered it.

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