Kiting is a method of soloing that varies significantly from root-rotting. This method of soloing is employed frequently by classes that can snare: druids and necromancers excel at this method. However, shadow knights and rangers can also employ kiting as well.

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Aggro kiting

involves snaring a mob, and while keeping distance between the caster and the target, casting a series of death-over-time (DoT) and direct-damage (DD, nukes) spells on a target. With their specialty being in distance melee damage via bow and arrow, rangers often will snare a mob and use arrows to kite. Aggro kiting can also be used in a group setting.

Charm kitting

has the caster charm an NPC mob: druids can charm animals, while necromancers can charm an undead mob when he isn't inclined to summon his own pet. The concept behind this is to employ aggro kiting, and having the pet attack from behind the mob after sufficient aggro has been built up. Generally, it is safe to send in a non-taunting pet when the mob reaches 90% health.

Fear kiting

also known as "snare and scare", involves snaring a mob, fearing it, and doing damage
  • Style 1:
    • Snare aggro a mob, cast DoTs, and then Fear.
  • Style 2:
    • Snare aggro a mob, Fear it, then DoT it
    • Either style will most likely require a Rinse & Repeat methodology.
  • Druids can scare animals; necromancers can cause fear in nearly any mob.
  • While utilizing this technique, pending on your mana-pool/mana-regen, you could quad-kite very easily assuming you can manage the fear-drops.
  • Danger:
    • If you are Fear Kiting in a very tightly aggro area/zone, then you may end up with more mobs that any single person could possibly handle for experience.

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