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'Live Servers (free to play)

Server Select Name ShortName Notes
Antonius Bayle (Kane Bayle) - European antonius 1. Recommended for European players, anyone can play
Bertoxxulous - Sarym bertox
Bristlebane - The Tribunal bristle
Cazic-Thule - Fennin Ro cazic
Drinal - Maelin Starpyre drinal
Erollisi Marr - The Nameless erollisi
Firiona Vie (Roleplaying Preferred) firiona 1. EXP Rate per kill = 150%
2. Free Trade = Can trade items normally marked NO-TRADE
3. Role Play = races start only knowing their own language, no /ooc
4. You can not transfer OFF this server
Luclin - Stromm luclin
Povar - Quellious povar
The Rathe - Prexus rathe
Tunare - The Seventh Hammer tunare
Vox (Standard Ruleset) vox 1. Listed as a Preferred Server but low population
Xegony - Druzzil Ro xegony
Zek (PvP) zek 1. Player -vs- Player = All characters are PvP with red names
2. Exp rate per kill = 150%
3. You can not transfer TO this server

Server Select Name ShortName Notes
test test 1. Gold subscription granted by default
2. EXP Rate per kill = 200%
3. /testcopy will copy your character from a normal server
4. /buff will buff your character to level 25
5. /resetaa will reset your AA's
6. You can not transfer OFF this server
7. In the patcher switch to test server to play here.
beta beta 1. Only active during beta testing
2. Refer to special beta testing instructions to play here

Live Servers (requires subscription)

Server Select Name Notes
Agnarr 1. EQ Clients Allowed = 1 per PC (True Box)
2. PoP-Locked Progression
Aradune 1. EQ Clients Allowed = 2 per PC
2. Timelocked Progression.
Coirnav 1. EQ Clients Allowed = 1 per PC (True Box)
2. Timelocked Progression
Mangler 1. EQ Clients Allowed = 1 per PC (True Box)
2. Timelocked Progression.
Miragul 1. EQ Clients Allowed = 1 per PC (True Box)
2. Started in the House of Thule expansion.
Phinigel 1. EQ Clients Allowed = 1 per PC (True Box)
2. Timelocked Progression
Ragefire 1. EQ Clients Allowed = Multiple per PC
2. Voting Timelocked Progression
Rizlona 1. EQ Clients Allowed = Multiple per PC
2. Voting Timelocked Progression
Selo (Fast Timelocked Progression) 1. EQ Clients Allowed = 1 per PC (True Box)

Server Merge History

taken from the Daybreak website.

New Combined Server Merged Server Merge Date
Antonius Bayle Kane Bayle 22-Mar-05
Antonius Bayle Kael Drakkel 30-Jun-05
Antonius Bayle Sebilis 30-Jun-05
Antonius Bayle Venril Sathir 30-Jun-05
Bertoxxulous Saryrn 22-Jun-10
Bertoxxulous Tholuxe Paells 28-Apr-05
Bristlebane Solusek Ro 23-Mar-05
Bristlebane The Tribunal 22-Jun-10
Cazic Thule Brell Serilis 7-Apr-05
Cazic-Thule Fennin Ro 22-Jun-10
Drinal Maelin Starpyre 22-Jun-10
Drinal Tarew Marr 14-Apr-05
Druzzil Ro The Combine 4-Mar-09
Druzzil Ro Xev 19-May-05
Erollisi Marr Morell Thule 16-May-05
Erollisi Marr The Nameless 22-Jun-10
Fennin Ro Torvonnilous 23-May-05
Fippy Darkpaw Vulak'Aerr 18-Oct-17
Firiona Vie Brekt 20-Apr-20
Luclin Veeshan 25-Apr-05
Luclin Stromm 22-Jun-10
Maelin Starpyre Vazaelle 9-May-05
Player Choice Stormhammer 1-Feb-06
Povar Morden Rasp 11-Apr-05
Prexus Terris Thule 26-May-05
Povar Quellious 22-Jun-10
Quellious Rodcet Nife 12-May-05
Ragefire Lockjaw 20-Apr-20
Saryrn Mithaniel Marr 18-Apr-05
The Combine The Sleeper 21-Mar-07
The Nameless Innoruuk 2-May-05
The Rathe Karana 18-Apr-05
The Rathe Prexus 22-Jun-10
The Seventh Hammer Lanys T'Vyl 11-Apr-05
The Tribunal Ayonae Ro 21-Apr-05
Tunare E'ci 31-May-05
Tunare Mayong 9-Sep-10
Tunare The Seventh Hammer 22-Jun-10
Vox Fippy Darkpaw 20-Apr-20
Vox Trakanon 20-Apr-20
Xegony Druzzil Ro 22-Jun-10
Xegony Zebuxoruk 5-May-05
Zek Rallos Zek 8-Feb-05
Zek Tallon Zek 8-Feb-05
Zek Sullon Zek 8-Feb-05
Zek Vallon Zek 8-Feb-05

Special Servers


Al'Kabor was the official server for the Apple Macintosh player base.
It had expansions through the Planes of Power and received no updates past 2003.
Official shutdown was Thursday, March 29, 2012.

Mayong (51/50)

Mayong server named after Mayong Mistmoore, plan open was at 11:00 am (PDT) Tuesday, June 30, 2009.
Server was merged with Tunare 9-Sep-10

Standard server rules with following

  • Start at level 51
  • Start with 50 unspent AA points
  • Start with a complete set of Flawed Defiant armor and weapons (Recommended level 50)
  • Start with all spells and abilities through level 51
  • Have all available skills at their maximum level (Spell specializations excepted)
  • Tradeskills will not be set to a higher value initially
  • Special Titles: There are a series of server first titles for the first defeat of various encounters.

Progression Servers

What is a progression server?

Stormhammer Server

The Stormhammer server was accessible to EQ players who had an active subscription to the EverQuest Legends Service


Quarm Server was a limited server that ended with the Omens of War expansion.
Special rewards were given by beating certain events.
This server was merged into Brekt in January of 2017.


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