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Warriors are a pure melee-based, plate-wearing tank class. They are found at the frontlines of battle, going toe-to-toe with their enemies while other party members contribute without suffering enemy wrath. Warriors have a slightly elevated number of hit points and 5% more innate mitigation than other tank classes. The warrior class is extremely dependent on both gear and groups, and requires dedication to obtaining the best augments and staying maximized with respect to alternate abilities. They must trade offensive weapon augments for aggro generation methods.

A warrior's only role is to take the beating from various monsters, while holding their attention off of the more lightly-armored, higher damaging group members. While the warrior can perform this role fairly well with the recent addition of the Respite discipline (which generates an obscene amount of endurance regeneration), they still have hard-coded refresh timers on all aggro generation abilities that often cannot keep up with the kill rate of the best groups. The warrior has no spells for regaining health or other utility which makes them very group-dependent, specifically requiring priest-class member. Their limited damage output compared to DPS (and even hybrid) classes limits their functionality to serving only as a main tank. However, a good warrior is a welcome addition to any hunting party, and the cornerstone of any raid.

Although both paladins and shadow knights are also tanks that wear plate armor and can tank all group content equally or better and have a lot of additional utility, no other class can match the tanking ability of the warrior in regards to sheer damage mitigation for ultimate raid boss fights.


Starting Statistics
Race Str Dex Agi Sta Int Wis Cha Total
Barbarian 103 75 92 110 60 85 60 585
Dark Elf 70 75 95 100 99 83 60 582
Dwarf 100 90 75 125 60 83 45 578
Gnome 70 85 90 105 98 67 60 575
Half-Elf 80 85 95 105 75 60 75 575
Halfling 80 90 100 110 67 80 50 577
Human 85 75 80 110 75 75 75 575
Iksar 80 85 95 105 75 80 55 575
Ogre 147 70 75 150 60 67 37 606
Troll 118 75 88 144 52 60 40 577
Vah Shir 100 70 95 110 65 70 65 575
Wood Elf 75 80 100 100 75 80 75 585
Froglok 80 100 105 115 75 75 50 600
Drakkin 80 75 90 115 85 80 75 600


Warriors' Skills
1H Blunt 1 One-handed blunt weapons (hammers).
1H Slashing 1 One-handed slashing weapons (swords, whips).
2H Blunt 1 Two-handed blunt weapons (staffs).
2H Slash 1 Two-handed slashing weapons (large swords).
Archery 1 Bow and arrow; useful for tagging and pulling.
Bind Wound 1 Virtually pointless now.
Bash 1 This can be used with a shield to interrupt caster NPCs.
Disarm 10 Disarm an NPC's weapon.
Dodge 5 Avoid an enemy's incoming melee attack.
Double Attack 15 This skill doubles your number of attacks per round.
Dual Wield 13 This skill allows you to carry weapons in both hands.
Hand to Hand 1 Bare fists; no use for anyone other than monks and beastlords.
Kick 1 This can interrupt a caster's spell, and does nominal damage.
Parry 5 This is a defensive maneuver with your weapon.
Piercing 1 Piercing weapons (daggers).
Riposte 15 This skill allows you to parry and attack.
Sense Heading 1 This skill immediately starts at 200.
Swimming 1 This is a slow skill to work on, but can be done in large bodies of water.
Throwing 1 Much like archery, this is good for tagging and pulling with darts.
Triple Attack 46 This skill makes it possible to strike 3 times per round per hand.

Warriors may also develop their abilities in tradeskills and non-native languages. Barbarians, ogres, and trolls have an innate racial ability to slam, which allows them to bash without a shield.

Alternate Abilities

These are the top recommended AAs on Steel Warrior:

Archetype AA

Recommened Warrior Archetype AAs
Name Description Cost Ranks Added Info
Burst of Power8 per rank10
Concentration 3 per rank3
Double Riposte3 per rank?6
Enhanced Aggression 5 per rank?15
Natural Healing This ability raises your natural regeneration by one point per ability level.2/4/6 3
Ferocity 3/3/3/?/?/?6
Fear ResistanceThis ability grants you a resistance bonus to fear type spells of 5, 10, and 25 percent. It also increases the chance of breaking fear earlier2/4/63
Heightened Endurance 3/?13
Ingenuity 1/?6
Killing Spree 3/?6
Punishing Blade 2/? 9
Shielding Resistance 3/? 5
Slippery Attacks 3/? 5
Weapon Affinity 5 per rank 5


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