Effective Grouping for Non Tanks (WoW)  

EdFactor's Advice for effective grouping for non tanks.

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Steps to Keep in Mind

1.) When you find mobs let the tanks do the tanking to build threat. Do not go full bore until it's called for or you see them higher in threat to start with the fireworks. I can't count how many times I have been in a party (as a warrior) and as soon as we see mobs the mage starts a fireball, and my warrior is left chasing a mob trying to get it off the squishy, who is busily running about screaming to get it off him/her.

2.) When you draw aggro, RUN TOWARD THE TANK! You probably can't get away from the mob very easily but you can certainly get to the tank so he can taunt it off a lot faster than trying to duck it yourself.

3.) If your job in the instance/raid/etc is for healing, then HEAL. Don't go blowing your mana for things that may not be essential during the fight or are covered by other classes, you should all be buffed before the pull anyways.

4.) Control your pets! Keep them on passive and keep growl off unless asked to do otherwise. Many a rogue pet hits the wrong mob or runs away and brings back half the dungeon. And what's worse is it's easy enough to avoid the wipe that this causes.

5.) Good DPS classes don't just unload, they manage their threat by steady, consistent DPS until burst DPS is called for. If you have a problem with this, consider making a macro for your spells/ranged attacks/combos to keep your threat at a manageable level and use wiping trinkets etc when you can. If you get aggro, stop attacking and take the hit if you have to until the tank reaquires threat and peels it off you.

6.) Even if you're not the tank, it's part of your job to protect the healers/rezzers so if a priest is getting hit, do what you can to trap/slow/distract/stun that mob.

7.) Learn to use the /assist option and make a macro for it that you can modify as needed.

To make the macro, you can see the section on Macros or simply type /Macro, then create one using the following command:

/assist "player name" /autoattack off

8.) Keep an eye out for runners.

And For The Tanks

  1. Two handed weapons and dual wielding are great but carry a shield. Sometimes you just need to be able to take hits and you'll make the healers' mana last longer.
  2. Carry heal potions and know how to make and use a bandage. If you can find other things to heal you keep them around.
  3. Use your Sunder (and Rend if possible) on your pulls and hamstring mobs that can run away. Throw in a thunder clap if you can.
  4. Pallies, try and save your stun for runners or when a mob goes after a squishy. Use concsecrates to build threat, as your DPS is dependent on your mana pool and spell damage. Remember, no mana = limited usefulness as a rule.

Parts of this page were originally written by EdFactor.
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