Empyrean Lords (Aion)  

The twelve Empyrean Lords were created by Aion to intercede on behalf of the Humans, and to protect them from the Balaur.

Two of the twelve surrendered their essences to stop the Balaur during the Cataclysm that destroyed The Tower of Eternity. Of the remaining ten, five were stranded in Elysea, and five in Asmodae.

The five that live in Elysea are called the Seraphim Lords, while the 5 in Asmodae are called the Shedim Lords.

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The Tower Guardians (Deceased?)

Israphel (Lord of Space)

The ruler of the western territories prior to the Cataclysm, Israphel was the Empyrean Lord that proposed the peace treaty. Eventually, he was able to convince Lady Siel to agree to negotiating with the Balaur, giving him the majority he needed. When the Balaur attacked the Tower of Eternity and split the world in two, Israphel gave up his life to help stop Atreia's total destruction.

Siel (Lady of Time)

Ruling the eastern portion of Atreia before the destruction of the Tower, Siel was one of the Empyrean Lords that agreed to a peace treaty. However, when the Balaur launched their attack on the Tower instead of agreeing to peace, she realized that such an agreement was never realistic. As the Tower crumbled, Siel gave her own life to prevent any further damage to the world, stopping the destruction and banishing the Balaur to the Abyss.

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