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Engineering (Primary Profession)
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Raw Materials

  • Metal Bars - smelted from ore, which comes from metal veins
    • Copper Bar
    • Tin Bar
    • Bronze Bar
    • Silver Bar
    • Iron Bar
    • Gold Bar
    • Steel Bar
    • Mithril Bar
    • Truesilver Bar
    • Thorium Bar
  • Stones - from metal veins
    • Rough Stone
    • Course Stone
    • Heavy Stone
    • Solid Stone
    • Dense Stone
  • Gems - from metal veins and Prospecting
    • Malachite - from Copper Veins
    • Moss Agate
    • Tigerseye
    • Citrine
    • Jade
    • Aquamarine
    • Star Ruby
  • Cloth - common drop from Humanoids of all levels
    • Linen Cloth
    • Wool Cloth
    • Silk Cloth
    • Mageweave Cloth
    • Runecloth
  • Miscellaneous Drops
    • Elemental Fire
  • Vendor Items
    • Weak Flux
    • Wooden Stock
    • Nightcrawlers

Crafted Materials

  • Bullet
    • Crafted Light Shot
    • Crafted Heavy Shot
    • Crafted Solid Shot
    • Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs
    • Mithril Gyro-Shot
  • Devices
    • Crude Scope
    • Target Dummy
    • Standard Scope
    • Ornate Spyglass
    • Aquadynamic Fish Attractor
    • Compact Harvest Reaper Kit
    • Accurate Scope
    • Advanced Target Dummy
    • Mechanical Repair Kit
  • Guns
    • Rough Boomstick - Copper Tube x1, Handful of Copper Bolts x1, Wooden Stock x1
    • Deadly Blunderbuss -Copper Tube x2, Handful of Copper Bolts x4, Wooden Stock x1, Medium Leather x2
    • Silver-plated Shotgun -Bronze Tube x2, Whirring Bronze Gizmo x2, Heavy Stock x1, Silver Bar x3
    • Mithril Blunderbuss -Mithril Tube x1, Unstable Trigger x1, Heavy Stock x1, Mithril Bar x4, Elemental Fire x2
    • Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle x1-Mithril Tube x2, Unstable Trigger x1, Heavy Stock x1, Mithril Bar x6, Citrine x2
  • Cloth
    • Flying Tiger Goggles -Light Leather x6, Tigerseye x2
    • Green Tinted Goggles -Flying Tiger Goggles x1, Moss Agate x2, Medium Leather x4
    • Fire Goggles -Green Tinted Goggles x1, Citrine x2, Elemental Fire x2, Heavy Leather x4
  • Miscellaneous
    • Archlight Spanner -Copper Bar x6
  • Other
    • Green Firework x3-Heavy Blasting Powder x1, Heavy Leather x1
    • Red Firework x3-Heavy Blasting Powder x1, Heavy Leather x1

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