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Game Update 42 re-introduced Epic Weapons to Norrath. Each class has a different weapon, and each weapon has two versions. The Heroic version is rewarded by the initial Heroic quest(s). The Epic version is an upgrade, awarded when you complete a special raid quest. With the release of Sentinel's Fate players can quest to change their epic in to a spell with the special mythical effect and a weapon identical to their Epic, minus that effect.

All of these quests are level 85, and require a minimum level of 80. The first quest is soloable, but the rest are Heroic. All are found in the Signature category in your quest journal.

Bypassing Your Epic

If you have not finished your epic you may now speak to Kinloch Skry'mir at -36, 24, 215 in Tenebrous Tangle and receive a Shattered Weapon. Take it to Lavastorm and speak to Researcher Sel'Quar in the Shrine of Thunder ( -151, -117, 633 ) , where you will be offered Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot and then directed to Epic Repercussions

Class Fabled and Epic Summary

This table is a summary of the initial quests and rewards for each class. Click any class name for that class' specific quest series.

ClassFirst Heroic QuestFabled WeaponEpic QuestMythical Weapon
GuardianThe Search for Vel'ArekVel'ArekRevitalizing Vel'ArekRevitalized Vel'Arek
BerserkerThe Responsibilities of a Berserker's Rage (Good)†
The Consequences of a Berserker's Rage (Evil)†
Dragon's TemperHoning the Lust of the Dragon's TemperDragon's Temper
MonkThe Broken HandThe Hand of SerenityThe Mended Hand The Restored Hand of Serenity
BruiserThe Fist of WarGorynn's FistA Taste of Past GloryGorynn's Fist
PaladinA Paladin's CrusadeThe Truth of Marr Acts of ContritionThe Truth of Marr
ShadowknightThey Have Searched an Age For a Dark Champion...SeditionA Bloodmoon Rising!Sedition, Sword of the Bloodmoon
WizardOf Fire and IceDragon's MarrowOf Fire and Ice: The Dragon's MarrowDragon's Marrow
WarlockThe Will of KyrtoxxulousDeath's GripKyrtoxxulous' ChallengeDeath's Grip
IllusionistThe Maiden of MasksMirage StarThe Mirage StarMirage Star
CoercerLeandre's Shard: MergingEye of the SirenLeandre's Shard: The TargetsEye of the Siren
ConjurorAn Airy HeartElemental DominanceThe Final Domination of PhrotisElemental Dominance
NecromancerThe Bones of InsanityInsanity's RaptureShattered Sanity of the MadVazaelle, the Mad
Channeler Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
FuryInvestigate the DeathWrath of NatureEarning VengeanceWrath of Nature
WardenA Broken BarrierBite of the WolfBroken Barrier: Sealing of the BladeBite of the Wolf
TemplarThe Healing of AmreeThe Impact of the SacrosanctBringing the Hammer Down on VenrilThe Impact of the Sacrosanct
InquisitorDefender of the FaithPenitent's AbsolutionThe Saga of Yasva V'AlearPenitent's Absolution
MysticA Sleeping StoneCudgel of ObviationAwakening the CudgelCudgel of Obviation
DefilerThe Dream ScorcherDream ScorcherThe Dream Scorcher, Part TwoDream Scorcher
BeastlordThe Path to Understandingeq2 item:A Chance for RedemptionInspirited Feral Claws of Khati Sha Inspirited Spiritual Claws of Khati Sha The Savage Deepening of Spirit: Champion of the Truespirits
DirgeThe Everlasting Quill of Ashe BoderraLamentation of the IntrepidRestoration of the LamentationLamentation of the Intrepid
TroubadorAn Ayonic JourneyAyonic AxeSon'Nia's SongAyonic Axe
RangerRemoving the Darkness From Within...Eagle's TalonThe Untapped Power!Eagle's Talon
AssassinA Mysterious TrinketFang of IchorFor A Better TomorrowFang of Ichor
SwashbucklerRrarwrkCharm's WayThe Voice Of The SeaCharm's Way
BrigandThe Heart of TreacheryHavocGreed, Deceit And Destruction!Havoc, Blade of Treachery
†Except for slight differences in dialogue, the good and evil versions of the Berserker quests are identical.

Level 90 Mythical Conversion

Your Mythical Weapon has unique effects which will not work on level 81-90 spells, combat arts, or pets. By completing two quests, you may convert your Fabled or Mythical Epic Weapon into an Enervated Weapon and add persistent Mythical Effect spells to your knowledge book. This allows you to acquire other weapons without losing class-defining Mythical effects.

The quest requires that your class and your Epic weapon match. You will only receive the mythical spell gem of your current class.

You can start this series as long as you have the fabled version of your epic. But if you have completed "Epic Repercussions" then you will not be rewarded the mythical weapon if you go back and complete your class specific Kunark mythical quest.

The quests which make your Epic Weapon effect into a spell is the same for all classes.

  1. Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot
  2. Epic Repercussions

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Epic Weapons

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