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Erollisi Day items can be earned a variety of ways, including questing, crafting, merchants and more! The list currently includes items primarily from 2013-2015.

Last Updated: January 2015

Merchant Wares

Speak to Douglas to purchase his supply of romantic merchandise with your Erollisi Coins! He is found in the City of Freeport (East) at -211, -56, 6 or Qeynos Harbor, Qeynos Province District at 822, -23, 59 . Click on any image below to enlarge it.

Added in 2015
Amorous Glow Skimmer

Fairy Drake

Glossy Vase of Love

Petamorph Wand: Dragonfly

Pink Vesspyr Bloom

Romantic Red and Gold
Hanging Fairy Lights

The Lady of Insurrection

Thief of Love Armor Crate

Added in 2014
Blackened Rose

Blackened Rose


Armor Crate

Petamorph Wand:
Mist Panther

Pink Rose

Sparkling Passion

Vesspyr Bloom

Added in 2013
Bow Mounted
Red Rose Garland

Heart Mounted
Purple Rose Garland

Heart Mounted
Red Rose Garland

Petamorph Wand:
Erollisi Mantrap

Love's Chapel
Guardian Plushie

Lucky Teralid Plushie

Pink Stained
Glass Square

Tinkered Love Flutters

* Purchase of these items requires the player to complete select Erollisi Day achievements.

Added in 2012
Crimson Stained
Glass Square

Lover's Grand Settee

Lover's Grand Veil

Lover's Gazebo

Custodian (Druid)

Erollisian Flame
Sentinel (Guardian)

Erollisian Hart
of Love (Templar)

Erollisian Sprite
of Devotion (Dirge)

Erollisian Sprite
of Passion (Wizard)

Sister Aalarya
Activator (Mage)

Sister Katey
Activator (Priest)

Sister Leela
Activator (Scout)

Sister Thog
Activator (Fighter)


Crafted Items

Romantic Gifts to Craft VIII (2015)
Brush of Elegance

Elegant Floral Sham

Elegant Round Pillow

Gilded Vase of Truth

Golden Wash Basin

Hand Mirror of Elegance

Ornate Urn of Valor

Passionate Heart Cordon

Plate of Dark Hearted Cookies

Plate of Dark Hearted Cupcakes

Plum Filigree Heart Rug

Romantic Hanging Heart

Romantic Hanging Heart Garland

Romantic Heart Cordon

Romantic Gifts to Craft VII (2014)
A Delicious Chocolate Frosted Cake

A Delicious Pink Cake

Bow Mounted Gold Rose Garland

Flowered Purple Velvet Curtain, Left

Flowered Purple Velvet Curtain, Right

Flowered White Velvet Curtain, Left

Flowered White Velvet Curtain, Right

Honor's Hanging Rose

Ornate Urn of Compassion

Ornate Urn of Honor

Purple Velvet Curtain, Left

Purple Velvet Curtain, Right

Red Velvet Curtain, Left

Red Velvet Curtain, Right

Silver Gilded Rose Garland

White Velvet Curtain, Left

White Velvet Curtain, Right

Yellow Rose Topiary

Romantic Gifts to Craft VI (2013)
Ancient Wine Bottle

Corked Olive
Wine Bottle

Green Formal Attire

Half Dozen Roses
in a Smooth Vase

Lovely Preserves Jar

Lovingly Crafted Chest

Luxurious Parlor Chair

Luxurious Wood Framed
Bed with Canopy

Mounted Purple and
White Daisy Garland

Plush Parlor Chair

Plush Wood Framed
Bed with Canopy

Purple Flowered Shrubbery

Romance's Hanging Rose

Silver Gilded
Rose Cordon

Stone of Adoration

Stone of Adoration
Half Block

Stone of Adoration

Stone of Adoration
Rounded Tile

Stone of Adoration
Short Column

Stone of Adoration
Short Divider

Stone of Adoration

Stone of Adoration
Tall Column

Stone of Adoration
Tall Divider

Stone of Adoration


Quest Rewards

Added in 2015
Othmir Romantic Remembrance

Heart Pillow

Cloak of the Love Bird

Added in 2014
White Rose Topiary

Added in 2013
Red Rose Topiary

Fires of Anguish

Tapestry of the

Cowl of the

Dalron's Hanging Rose

Red and Orange
Hanging Heart Garland

Bow Mounted
Red Rose Garland

Heart Mounted
Purple Rose Garland

Heart Mounted
Red Rose Garland

* These items are rewarded for completing select Erollisi Day achievements and can also be purchased on the Erollisi Day merchants afterward.

Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.

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