Erollisi Day Quest Tracker (EQ2)  

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Erollisi Day Quest Tracker
2015 Edition
A Cold-Hearted Snake                              
Could It Be Magic?                              
I Melt With You                              
Unforgettable (NR)
Heal the Pain -OR- Tainted Love
  (Love's Resurgence Series)
Shot Through the Heart (NR)
What's Love Got to Do With It? (NR)
  (Mysteries of Love Series)
Bouquet of Trust (NR)
Harts Full of Trust (NR)
Sacrificial Trust (NR)
  (Trust of the Sisterhood Series)
Find 'em a Find, Catch 'em a Catch!                             
Love Lines                             
Hearts a'Flutter - Antonica                             
Hearts a'Flutter - Commonlands                             
My Romantic Reputation (NR)                             
Cherished Confections (A)
Lovely Lacquer (A)
On Wings of Love (A)
Rose-Tinted Obsession (A)
A Rose by Any Other Name... (A)
Make That a Bouquet (A)
No Love Lost Here (A)
A Sea of Roses (A)
Romeo's Got Nothin' On Me (A)
Enamored of Erollisi (A)
Love Potion Number One (Guide Quest)                              
Romantic Flower Petals (NR)(C)                             
Visit for a full guide to this event. (NR) denotes a non-repeatable quest. (A) Denotes an Achievement. (C) Denotes a Collection

Series names are our own creation to aid in quest tracking and do not appear anywhere in game.

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