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The Lich King is the final encounter of the Halls of Reflection. You do not get to fight him in here however, the encounter consist of a race against time before he catches you.

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Remorseless Winter - Slow movement by 75%, this is a debuff that is on the Lich King, it creates an aura around him as well.
Fury of Frostmourne - Deals 1000000 Shadow damage to all enemies. Cast on enemies that step within the aura created by Remorseless Winter.
Summon Ice Wall - Summon an ice wall that must be destroyed for the players to continue.
Summon Undead - Summon undead to chase the players.


The adds are what you actually fight in the fight and they are brought into the encounter by Summon Undead.

Raging Ghouls - Low Health non-elite mob, they will Leap on the players when they get summoned.
Lumbering Abominations - High hp elite mob, they have a Cleave ability and a Vomit ability, making standing in front of them dangerous.
Risen Witch Doctors - Elite spell caster mobs, who uses Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt Volley and Curse of Doom.


You never actually fight the Lich King here, you must merely escape from him alongside side Lady Jaina Proudmoore/ Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

As you flee, the Lich King will follow you at a slow pace, surrounded by Remorseless Winter aura. He is slow, and you must not let him catch up to you or he will use Fury of Frostmourne which automatically kill anybody in his aura.

As you start gaining ground on him, he'll use Summon Ice Wall to block your path, Lady Jaina Proudmoore/ Lady Sylvanas Windrunner will than start to bring down the wall. The Lich King will use Summon Undead and send his undead to you, which you will need to kill. The wall will come down when you kill last undead.

Each new wall, will bring a new wave of undead and they ramp up in difficulty as you go along. You need to do this 5 times.

You'll be facing 3 different type of undead. The ghouls are fairly easy to dispatch and don't deal much damage. The Witch Doctors are casters, so you may need to silence them as they'll tend to hang back and cast spells, which gives you less room to play with when the Lich King gets close. The most dangerous type however are the Abomination. They have massive hp and can deal great damage to anyone standing in front of them, the tank need to be sure they are tanked facing away from the party.


The Halls of Reflection / Heroic The Halls of Reflection - Defeat the bosses in The Halls of Reflection.
We're Not Retreating; We're Advancing in a Different Direction - Escape from the Lich King in under 6 minutes.


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