Evil Eye (EQ2 Mob Race)  

Evil Eye
Type Planar
L&L Quest Lore and Legend: Evil Eye
See the Bestiary for a list of all mobs in this race.
Xktkez is rumored to be involved in the creation of the evil eye race. From what we are able to decipher from evil eye records, he, or "it," most often appears as a gigantic eye with no eyelids. The pupil of the deity is a black maelstrom that contains the power to suck up anything caught in its gaze and pass it into an unknown realm. In one of the evil eye creation myths, it is written that Xktkez plunged himself into the depths of Norrath and slumbered for several hundred years. During his slumber the massive eye shed a single tear that created the first evil eye spawning pit. Whether this being is real or not and what plane it originated from is still a mystery to all Norrathian scholars.[1]

Gazers are a sub-race of Evil Eye, from the same Plane, and share the same vulnerabilities (Evil Eye Mastery affects Gazers).

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