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Evolith: Customize Your Gear

The Evolith system allows adventurers to customize their equipment using stones that can be obtained from notorious monsters throughout Vana'diel. An Evolith is an ancient stone that harbors an elemental power similar to a crystal. By collecting different stones, adventurers can outfit their gear with stats and bonuses that complement their roles in battle.

  • Up to three Evolith stones can be attached to eligible pieces of equipment.
  • Evolith are attached using the new Synergy synthesis technique.

Hunting Evolith Stones

Evolith is obtained by completing new NM hunting regimes accessible from Hunt Registries in various areas of Vana'diel.

For a detailed list of Notorious Monsters and the Evolith Stones obtained from their hunts, see Notorious Monster Evolith Chart

Using Evolith

Up to three Evolith stones can be attached to eligible pieces of equipment. To see whether a piece of gear supports Evolith, trade the gear piece to the Synergy Engineer dispatched in each city.

  • Each evolith has a specific shape, size and elemental property.
  • Making "evolith slots" in evolith-supporting gear will require certain items.
  • Evolith slots must be the same size, shape and elemental affinity as the desired piece of Evolith.
  • Hundreds of old items are eligible to be fitted with evolith.
  • Customizing an item via the Evolith system will render it untradeable and unauctionable.

Replacing and Removing Evolith

Should you wish to replace an attached piece of evolith with one offering different benefits, this may be done at time via synergy. It is also possible to remove evolith slots entirely—thereby returning the equipment to its original state—through synergy using a dedicated item. Note that in both cases, the previously attached piece of evolith will be lost.

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