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Experimentation is a Tradeskill Prestige Ability introduced with Chains of Eternity.

Once you are Tradeskill level 90 you will start acquiring a Tradeskill Prestige point every 20% of a level. Press "L" to open your Character Development Window. Then click the "Tradeskill Prestige" button on the left. Develop the center column to earn Experimenting abilities. Experimentation is the bottom-most choice in the center column, and requires 15 points spent in the Experimentation tree.

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Developing the Experimentation Ability will add a new tab you your crafting creation window called Experiment. Here you will see all the gear in your inventory which is eligible for Experimentation.
  • Handcrafted, Mastercrafted and Mastercrafted Fabled gear (armor, weapons and jewelry) can all be Experimented on.
  • You cannot Experiment on a Reforged item (but you can un-do the Reforging, Experiment, and then re-Reforge it).
  • NOTE If you want to Imbue an item, Imbue it before Experimenting, as an Imbue will remove all Experimental changes!

The Process

Select the item to experiment on and press the "Experiment" button at the bottom of the window. This opens the experiment creation window. Choose whether you want to try and add an effect, boost a stat, or add a decoration, then press the green "begin" circle in the bottom right of the window.

  • At the top of the creation window are two bars. The top bar is Durability and the second is Progress. Don't run out of Durability: if you do you'll fail and the item will be destroyed.
  • This is a return to old-school crafting that required complete attention. 1-2-3-4-5-6 crating will not serve you well here. Examine your new skills and discover what they do. You might want a refresher on using your Arts proactively: Understanding the Arts
  • Your Experimentation reaction arts are completely separate from your regular tradeskill arts and are unaffected by abilities,potions, and gear that boost progress, success rate and durability.
  • The Experimentation Arts do not share reuse timers.
  • You really must counter all events, so don't craft on auto-pilot.
The Experimentation Reaction Arts.  Click for a bigger picture.
The Experimentation Reaction Arts. Click for a bigger picture.

Repeat Experimentation

Each rank of Experimentation lets you experiment one time on an item, up to five times, and each successive Experimentation gets harder to complete. The item's name will change according to the number of times it's been experimented on:

  • 1 time adds an "Experimented" prefix
  • 2 times: "Prototypical"
  • 3 times: "Innovative"
  • 4 times "Ingenious"
  • 5 times "Visionary"

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