Fens of Nathsar (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Fens of Nathsar
Quest Series
Starting ZoneFens of Nathsar
Rec. Levels71 to 74
Previous Kylong Plains Quest Series
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EverQuest II
Quest Series
See Rise of Kunark City Tasks for City Task quests that start in Kylong Plains at Dreg's Landing and require you to travel to this zone

Kylong Post

Assistant Vihl - Initial faction quest for Riliss

  1. Handed Down (71) - Kill: 10 rhinos, cockatrices and sabretooths
  2. Vihl's Errand (71) - Take the goods to Merchant Hesskin at Sathir's Span

Sathir's Span

You must complete the above seven quests before Hesskin will remember you are supposed to be working for him.

Merchant Hesskin

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Revliss Dru'shyv

Western Pens of Riliss

Keeper Gresrik
unlocked by To the Pens

  1. Sleeping Pills (72) - Kill: 12 frog-biters for pollen, and gather 6 aconite spores
  2. Rillis Bound (and Gagged) (72) - Sedate and transport a froglok captive to Riliss


Eastern Pens of Riliss

Keeper Slarn

  1. Capture the Escapees (72) - Capture 8 freed froglok prisoners


The Order of Rime

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Sliza Xarezia

  1. Tender on the Outside (73) - Get 12 crystals from The Crystal Grove.
  2. Proctor Visit (73) - Speak to Proctor Talnisk.
  3. Infiltration System (73) - Infiltrate the Rime at Dragon's Rest Shallows.
You are advised to keep the disguise and use it to work for the Order of Rime, while learning all you can about them.

Dealing with the Sarnshak

Drill Master Nessin

  1. The Sarnshak (73) - Kill: 15 Sarnshak sentries
  2. Sarnshak Saboteur (72) - Find: Exile Grislihn
  3. The Sarnshak Rebellion (72) - Put an end to Chilkrai D'Vourk and his supporters

Sarnaks and Slaves

Crusader Jelexx

  1. Sarnak Interlopers (73) - Kill: 12 Bathezid subverters. (This will cost you 600 Bathezid's Watch faction).
  2. To the Pens (72) - Sends you to Keeper Gresrik at the Western Pens of Riliss
Trooper Kresix
unlocked by completing Rillis Bound (and Gagged) at Western Pens of Riliss
  1. An Indecent Proposal (72 Heroic) - Win Kresix's freedom by winning his 'trial'
  2. Conciliatory Delivery (72) - 'Deliver the news of Kresix's innocence to High Klok Zilliss

Merchant Competition

Merchant Vix

  1. Prowler Pelts (73) - Kill: 10 warslik prowlers
  2. Sabertooth Fangs (72) - Kill: 10 sabretooth tigers
  3. Feathers and Feets (72) - Kill: 6 stonebeaks and 6 tuskers
  4. Sarnshak Baubles (71)
  5. Brute Shag (73)

Merchant Paxi
Each quest from Vix unlocks the matching Superior quest from Paxi.

  1. Superior Prowler Pelts (73) - Obtain 5 superior pelts from warslik prowlers
  2. Superior Sabertooth Fangs (73)
  3. Superior Feathers and Feets (72)
  4. Superior Sarnshak Baubles (72)
  5. Superior Brute Shag (72)

Single Quests

Heroic Bounties

Be sure to speak with Ziveth Vraeth at Cabilis Post for a repeatable quest to help you max your Riliss faction!

Moving On

Unlocked when your faction with Riliss reaches Amiably (10,000)

To Bellywhumper Burrows:

To Drogan Exile Camp:

To Kunzar Jungle: (Unlocked by the quest, She Has the Answer, at Bellywhumper Burrows)

Bathezid's Watch

Outrider Kelgyn - Initial faction quest for Bathezid's Watch

Save the Scouts

Starts with Dragoon Tiwin

  1. Scouting for Scouts (72) - Locate the 4 missing scouts
  2. Mystic Advice (72) - sends you to Oracle Vorzalka
  3. Scalerot Cure (72) - Cure the 4 cursed scouts
  4. Warding Blood (72) - Find and gather 6 warding braziers
  5. The Source (72) - Kill: 10 Rilissian cabalists (This will cost you 500 Riliss faction).
  6. Death to S'neuchi (72 Heroic) - Kill: S'neuchi

Legionnaire Captain Valkan

  1. Advancing on the Advancers (72) - Kill: Rilissian advancers (This will cost you 750 Riliss faction)
  2. Riliss Lieutenants (72 Heroic) - Kill: 4 named Rilissian lieutenants

Single Quests

Heroic Bounties

Omen's Call

Bandits Abound!

Auleren Faithheart

  1. Murderous Thugs (73) - Kill: 20 iksar bandits
  2. Intentional Roughing (71) - Search for clues in the Iksar Bandit Camp
  3. Calling in the Cavalry (71) - Sound the horn at the bandit gathering place, then help by killing 15 of the bandit aggressors. Afterwards, talk to Thalin Trueguard
  4. Finish It (72) for Thalin Trueguard - Kill: Valraen the Betrayer

Single Quests

The Shadow Odyssey

The Shadow Odyssey introduced 3 new instances to this zone, as well as a group of NPCs that gives quests outside of the Shadow Odyssey Missions

Veksar: The Invasion

Defender Tuakin

Veksar: The Sunken Theater


Lieutenant Kresic Sestina Ral'shir Scholar Phinea

Emperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor'sha

Karik Szizz

Ik'zen Xen'zir Lieutenant Kresic


Fauske Kadjers

Lieutenant Kresic Fauske Kadjers

Bellywhumper Burrows

Languages needed at this quest hub:

Pulnil the Haggler

  1. Haggler's Dozen (71) - Haggle with a merchant in Riliss
  2. What's Theirs is Mine (74) - Collect 15 brittle dragon scales from Bonedigger Burynai
  3. Unbury the Past (72) - Collect 7 tablets from the Ruins of Cabilis
  4. Tribute to the Baron (74) - Take the offering to the very door of Kurn's Tower and leave it there
  5. She Has the Answer (74) - Speak with Klok Ilesia in Riliss
    • This series now continues with Game Update 52.
  6. Hail to the Chief (74) - You must complete Clean out the Caves and Everyone Loves a Snitch in Kunzar Jungle before you can procede with this quest.

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Chief Llump the Wise

  1. Big Voice Treasures (74)
  2. Heavy Lifter (75)
You must complete Bellywhumper Grumble and A Mighty Blessing to proceed.
  1. The Mystery of the Cursed Tower (83)

Pudge the Brave

  1. Dragonbone Weapon Parts (75) - Grants access to Kurn's Tower
  2. Kromdek Whetstone Removal (75)
  3. Bellywhumper Scaled Hunt (75)
  4. Bonesplint Silk (75)
  5. Slayers and Scarabs (75)
  6. Healing Herbs (75)
  7. Bellywhumper Grumble (76)

Elder Shaman Tibler

  1. Blessing Components (75) - slay bonesplint protectors and harvest mushrooms.
  2. A Mighty Blessing (75) - Attend the Clananshine ceremony and act as the rokon-du.

Single Quests

Drogan Exile Camp

Languages needed at this quest hub:

Things That Go Boom!

Tinkerist Glazid

  1. Little Big Bang (72) - Mining: 8 deposit of Pi'ter Sahlt in Camp Kromdek
  2. Mediumer Bang (72) - Collect: 4 Nurgan gearboxes from the Bonedigger burynai in the Field of Bone

Nurgan Researchers

Tinkerist Nalzie

  1. Smashing Tools (72) - Kill: Nurgan tinkermashers to collect 12 Nurgan tinker tools
  2. Hazardous Cleanup (72) - Collect 12 discarded machine parts
  3. Fernal Machines (72) - Destroy 8 broken Nurgan machines
  4. The Inventor's Invention (74) - Kill: Shamachanic Grizzik and destroy his invention

Single Quests


Cabilis Post

Ziveth Vraeth

  1. More Territory, More Problems (74) Repeatable - Kill: 9 undead among the Ruins of Cabilis

The Sheet

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009
The Order of Rime faction quests

The Sheet is where the Order of Rime has begun it's incursion into Norrath. There are some nice faction goodies available here. See:

Rantiri Skelbre

  1. Elemental Task (73) - Gather samples of the four elementals within the Fens of Nathsar.

He also gives important quests at different faction levels that advance the game story and questlines. Be sure and check for quest feather every time you turn in bones and venom sacs to the dwarf across from him.

When your faction is high enough he will send you to Jarsath Waste with a supply quest. The Rime camp in JW is to the west of the Howling Stones sokokar post by the river. The quest line picks up there.

Lore and Legend Quests

Language Quests

Collection Quests

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