Shadow Odyssey Missions (EQ2 Quest Series)  

For all quests, except Missions, in the Moors of Ykesha, see Moors of Ykesha

Shadow Odyssey Missions
Quest Series
Starting ZoneMultiple
Rec. Levels50 to 80
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

The Shadow Odyssey introduced a new Quest Type: Missions. Many of the quests involved in the 17 instanced zones attached to older zones are in this category. Most of them scale within a range, and also reward Void Shards. All Missions are Heroic. Missions will scale to the level of the first character zoning in, so Mentor before you zone! Unless noted, all Missions scale to your level. (Scales +3) would indicate that it scales to 3 levels above your level!

The January 6, 2009 patch notes noted "All "Daily Double" missions will now reward two void shards and one platinum."

Some of the following quests are not Missions but they start from NPCs at the Mission Camps and so are listed here for the sake of keeping related quests together.

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009
With the release of GU52, the AA rewarded from completing Missions has been increased slightly.

Daily Missions

See: Shadow Odyssey Daily Missions

The Commonlands: Ruins of Befallen

The entrance to the Ruins of Befallen have been recently uncovered in The Commonlands. The entrance is southwest of The Ruins of Val'marr. These zones Scale to players level from 50 to 80.

Squire Hadley - just inside the door of the Ruins of Befallen in The Commonlands

For non-mission quests in the Ruins of Befallen, see the Befallen Quest Series.

Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken Mission Group

Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken

Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted Mission Group

Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted

Befallen: Necrotic Asylum Mission Group

Befallen: Necrotic Asylum - All Missions in this zone scale to 4 levels above your level!

Everfrost: Miragul's Phylactery

For non-mission quests in Miragul's Phylactery, see the Miragul's Phylactery Quest Series.

Chief Scholar Lakewind

Miragul Upper Mission Group

Miragul's Phylactery: Scion of Ice

Miragul Lower Mission Group

Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema

Miragul Shard Mission Group

Miragul's Phylactery: The Crucible

Lavastorm: Najena's Dungeon

Isxot D'Zyath - inside the first chamber in Najena's Dungeon

Najena's Forge Mission Group

The Deep Forge

Najena's Hollow Tower Mission Group

Najena's Hollow Tower


  1. Spurning the Spurned (82) - The Deep Forge

Loping Plains: The Libant Vampires

The League of Freethinkers have several important missions for you. Additionally, a few of the locals have also had trouble with the vampires and have special requests of their own. The League has discovered a cluster of four portals in a crypt in Somborn Cemetery that lead directly to the four locations that concern them.

Find all of the following persons in the Village of Somborn. These zones and missions scale to players level, within the range of 60 to 80.

For non-mission quests in the the following zones, see the Loping Plains Quest Series.

Tanya Alvernon - at Village of Somborn in Loping Plains

Evernight Abbey Mission Group

Evernight Abbey (First Floor) - All Missions in this zone scale to 3 levels above your level!

Mistmyr Manor Mission Group

Mistmyr Manor (Second Floor)

Ravenscale Repository Mission Group

Ravenscale Repository (Third Floor) - All Missions in this zone scale to 4 levels above your level!

Fens of Nathsar

Lieutenant Kresic - at Omen's Call

Kor'sha Mission Group

Emperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha

Nu'roga Mission Group


Veksar Mission Group

Veksar: The Sunken Theater

For non-shard quests involving these zones, see Fens of Nathsar.

Moors of Ykesha

Dropship Landing Zone

Norrath Mission Group

Ragheejb Yasir - in Moors of Ykesha at the Dropship Landing Zone

Firmroot Moot

Vegupa Marrsheart

Upper Guk Mission Group

The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen

Lower Guk Mission Group

The Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors

Guk Stronghold Mission Group

The Ruins of Guk: Ykesha's Outer Stronghold


See Moors of Ykesha Quest Series


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