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Fields of Valor is a new system in which players must defeat specified enemies in a certain period of time. The rewards for Fields of Valor include bonus experience, gil and points redeemable for other benefits. Players can participate in Fields of Valor once per Vana'dielian day.


Field Manual
Field Manual
Participating in Fields of Valor is easy; simply /check a Field Manual in one of several areas. You will be given three options:
  • Nothing
  • Read about individual training
  • Read about field support

To participate in a training regimen, select the "individual training" option. Then, choose the page for the regimen you would like to complete. Each page will tell you which monsters you must defeat, as well as the recommended level range for each training regimen. Monsters in your training regimen must check as "easy prey" or higher in order to get credit for kills.

The mission is automatically completed upon killing the last specified monster. You will receive a message awarding you experience points, gil and tabs.


The training regimes are different in each area. Check out the Field Manual page for more detailed information on training regimens in specific areas, or click the following link:

Manual Position
West Ronfaure Field Manual G-9
East Ronfaure Field Manual G-6
Valkurm Dunes Field Manual H-7 & L-11 & K-6
Jugner Forest Field Manual I-8
North Gustaberg Field Manual L-8 & D-10
South Gustaberg Field Manual K-8 & H-9
Pashhow Marshlands Field Manual K-6
Beaucedine Glacier Field Manual H-9 & J-8
Xarcabard Field Manual H-9
West Sarutabaruta Field Manual J-8 & H-6 & I-10
East Sarutabaruta Field Manual G-11
Buburimu Peninsula Field Manual E-7
Meriphataud Mountains Field Manual E-5
Qufim Island Field Manual F-6 & I-8
Konschtat Highlands Field Manual I-6
La Theine Plateau Field Manual D-4 & K-8
Tahrongi Canyon Field Manual G-12 & I-6 & J-8
Rolanberry Fields Field Manual J-5 & H-14
Batallia Downs Field Manual K-8 & F-9
Sauromugue Champaign Field Manual E-6
Yuhtunga Jungle Field Manual G-5 & G-11
Eastern Altepa Desert Field Manual F-10 & G-7
Western Altepa Desert Field Manual L-5 & G-7
Yhoator Jungle Field Manual I-8
Behemoth's Dominion Field Manual L-9
The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah Field Manual G-9 & E-11
Ro'Maeve Field Manual H-11
Cape Teriggan Field Manual G-8 & I-6
Valley of Sorrows Field Manual F-8
Ru'Aun Gardens Field Manual H-11 & E-11 & J-11 & K-7 & H-5 & E-7

Elite Training Regimens

Elite Training Regimes pit adventurers against special notorious monsters in hopes of gaining bonus experience, extra gil or augmented pieces of armor.

To get started, examine a field manual and read about elite training. Adventurers can only do one elite training regimen per earth day.

Name Cost
Elite Training:Introduction 100 tabs
Elite Training:Chapter 1 150 tabs
Elite Training:Chapter 2 250 tabs
Elite Training:Chapter 3 250 tabs
Elite Training:Chapter 4 300 tabs

After choosing an elite regimen, find the Field Parchment located in the zone where you got your regimen. Trade gil, beastmen seals or a piece of equipment to spawn your notorious monster. Battles are not level capped.

  • Trading gil results in a reward of bonus gil.
  • Trading beastmen seals results in an experience points reward.
  • Trading equipment results in receiving random augmented stats. Note:You cannot trade Rare, Rare/Ex or Enchanted gear.

Tab Rewards

Tabs are earned by completing training regimens. Players can exchange their tabs for a variety of benefits. To exchange tabs, check the Field Manual's "Read about Field Support" option:

  • Repatriation: 50 tabs (Warps players to their home nations)
  • White magic: Reraise: 10 tabs
  • White magic: Regen: 20 tabs
  • White magic: Refresh: 20 tabs
  • White magic: Protect: 15 tabs
  • White magic: Shell: 15 tabs
  • Field recipe: Dried Meat: 50 tabs
  • Field recipe: Salted Fish: 50 tabs
  • Field recipe: Hard Cookie: 50 tabs
  • Field recipe: Instant Noodles: 50 tabs

Additional Information

  • Level-synced players can participate in Fields of Valor.
  • Players who are in parties can also still receive Fields of Valor rewards.

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