Fire Sword (Aion Quest)  

Eltnen Quest Series
Elyos Only
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Eltnen
Start Place: Eiron Desert
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With the Fire Sword you received from a Dried Gnarl or Mottled Basilisk in your possession, talk to Garperos at Sataloca's Tomb.
Level 27 Fire Sword
Obtain the Flame Essence (PW/AA) and take it to Garperos
 Basic Reward
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You must be at least Level 25 to open or receive this quest. See Elyos 25 for more quests that can be started at this same level.

Quest Notes

To get this quest you must have the Fire Sword on your person, you do not have to have it equippped, and talk to Garperos.

The Flame Essence (PW/AA) is an uncommon drop from the Flame Spirits just north of the entrance of Sataloca's Tomb. They are not hard to kill, just hard to get the drops. The Flame Spirits are Level 26 2-dot mobs, and one spawns at each of the fire crystals.

There are two drops from the Flame Spirits called Flame Essence (PW/AA). Although they have the same name they will not stack and the examine info displays the correct quest name for each. The other quest is Gathering Essence of Flame. If you have both quests you will see the drops, otherwise you will only see drops for the one you have.

IMPORTANT: The Fire Sword must be in your Cube, not equipped, for the turn-in or he will not accept it.

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