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The Death Knight Frost tree represents the Death Knight's focuses on his/her ability to call upon the frozen might of the Lich King to aid in combat. The Death Knight uses this ability to control his/her foes, improve damage from the frozen might of the arctic North and, in addition to this power they have been gioven, a Frost specced Death Knights can even take on a presence of the Northern Wind in the form of a Frost presence,improving the Death Knight's armor, Magical Resistance and improving their threat capability. [1]

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Primary uses

When the class was developed, it wasn't designed to be "just another tanking role". With the existence of several tanking classes (Warriors, Paladins, Druids) already, this newest "tank class" is designed more around burst damage and individual player style as opposed to a predefined "role". To do this, each tree of the Death Knight class has been designed for multiple roles and effective threat management situationally. This includes a whole new take on the stances, called Presences in this case. The class has three different presences: Blood, Frost and Unholy.

  • In a deviation from the current standard, the Death Knight is designed to be played differently, i.e. the use of runes and the manner in which they are used.
    • With this, the runes and their use are tied into the weapon of the Death Knight. The power of the rune used is channeled through the weapon.
    • Unlike other classes, there are very specific rotations and combo points with this class. The "combo points" are gained from the placing of diseases on the target.

The primary design for the Frost trees is focused around Melee damage and effective Crowd Control to augment other tanking classes.

Tier 1

(5 points must be spent in the tree to open Tier 2 talents)

  • Improved Icy Touch (3 points) - Your Icy Touch does an additional 10/20/30% damage and your Frost Fever reduces melee and ranged attack speed by an additional 2/4/6%.
  • Glacier Rot (2 points) - Diseased enemies take 5/10% more damage from your Icy Touch, Howling Blast and Frost Strike.
  • Toughness (5 points) - Increases your armor value from items by 3/6/9/12/15% and reduces the duration of all movement slowing effects by 6/12/18/24/30%.

Tier 2

(5 points must already be spent in the tree)

  • Icy Reach (2 points) - Increases the range of your Icy Touch, Chains of Ice and Howling Blast by 5/10 yards.
  • Black Ice (5 points) - Increases your Frost and Shadow damage by 6/12/18/24/30%.
  • Nerves of Cold Steel (3 points) - Increases your chance to hit with one-handed melee weapons by 1/2/3% and increases the damage done by your offhand weapon by 5/10/15%.

Tier 3

(10 points required to open this tree)

  • Icy Talons (5 points) - You leech heat from victims of your Frost Fever, so that when their melee attack speed is reduced, yours increases by 4/8/12/16/20% for the next 20 sec.
  • Lichborne (1 point) - Draw upon unholy energy to become undead for 15 seconds. While undead, you are immune to Charm, Fear and Sleep effects, and your horrifying visage causes melee attacks to have an additional 25% chance to miss you.
  • Annihilation (3 points) - Increases the critical strike chance of your melee special abilities by 1/2/3%. In addition, there is a 33/66/100% chance that your Obliterate will do its damage without consuming diseases.

Tier 4

(15 points required to open this tree)

Tier 5

(20 points required to open this tree)

Tier 6

(25 points required to open this tree)

  • Improved Icy Talons - Your Icy Talons effect increases the melee attack speed of your entire group or raid by 20% for the next 20 sec. In addition, increases your melee attack speed by 5% at all times.
  • Merciless Combat (2 points) - Your Icy Touch, Howling Blast, Obliterate and Frost Strike do an additional 6/12% damage when striking targets with less than 35% health.
  • Rime (3 points) - Increases the critical strike chance of your Icy Touch and Obliterate by 5/10/15% and casting Icy Touch has a 5/10/15% chance to cause your next Howling Blast to consume no runes.
  • Endless Winter (2 points) - Your Chains of Ice has a 50/100% chance to cause Frost Fever and the cost of your Mind Freeze is reduced to 10/no runic power.

Tier 7

(30 points required to open this tree)

  • Howling Blast (5 points) - Blast the target with a frigid wind dealing 99-107/117-127/162-176/221-239/259-281 Frost damage to all enemies within 10 yards. Deals double damage to targets infected with Frost Fever.
  • Frost Aura (2 points) - All party or raid members within 45 yards of the Death Knight gain 0.5/1 spell resistance.
  • Chilblains (3 points) - Victims of your Frost Fever disease are Chilled, reducing movement speed by 10/20/30% for 10 sec.

Tier 8

(35 points required to open this tree)

  • Blood of the North (5 points) - Increases Blood Strike damage by 3/6/9/12/15%. In addition, whenever you hit with Blood Strike or Pestilence there is a 20/40/60/80/100% chance that the Blood Rune will become a Death Rune when it activates.
  • Unbreakable Armor - Increases your armor by 25%, your total Strength by 10% and your Parry chance by 5% for 20 sec.

Tier 9

(40 points required to open this tree)

  • Acclimation (3 points) - When you are hit by a spell, you have a 10/20/30% chance to boost your resistance to that type of magic for 18 sec. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Frost Strike - Instantly strike the enemy, causing 60% weapon damage plus 52.2 as Frost damage. Can't be dodged, blocked, or parried.
  • Guile of Gorefiend (3 points) - Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Blood Strike, Frost Strike, Howling Blast and Obliterate abilities by 15/30/45%, and increases the duration of your Icebound Fortitude by 2/4/6 sec.

Tier 10

(45 points required to open this tree)

  • Tundra Stalker (5 points) - Your spells and abilities deal 2/4/6/8/10% more damage to targets infected with Frost Fever and your Icy Touch does 5/10/15/20/25% additional damage at all times. Also increases your expertise by 2/4/6/8/10.

Tier 11

(50 points required to open this tree)

  • Hungering Cold - Purges the earth around the Death Knight of all heat. Enemies within 10 yards are trapped in ice, preventing them from performing any action for 10 sec and infecting them with Frost Fever. Enemies are considered Frozen, but any damage other than diseases will break the ice.

  1. ^ Armor increased by 45%, Magic Resistance by 57, and threat generated by 45%.

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