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This Game Update will feature the revamp of The City of Freeport. It coincides with the launch of the Age of Discovery expansion.

Patch Notes


Age of Discovery is the eighth expansion of the groundbreaking EverQuest II franchise. Age of Discovery offers never-seen-before features including user-generated content and the re-imagining of the Beastlord class from the original EverQuest release. You can make your mark in-game by creating your very own Dungeon, hire some much needed help for your heroic battles, push tradeskilling research to new heights, customize your weapons at the forge, and of course, play as a Beastlord. There’s a lot to like about this expansion!


Ever wanted to build your own dungeon? Now you can with the Dungeon Maker system! Locate and collect a variety of floor layouts and styles, decorate your dungeon, select monsters to fill it, and battle through the content you designed to win new rewards!

Ever want access to tons of new content to play so that you rarely need to repeat the same experience? Play as an Adventurer in Dungeon Maker and win xp and awards for your characters!

To start creating a dungeon, click on the ‘Dungeons’ tab on the ‘Character’ sheet (default hotkey ‘c’). Here you can ‘Create’ a new dungeon from a selection of layouts, ‘Edit’ any dungeons you have created, or ‘Delete’ any dungeons you no longer need. (This Create screen can also be accessed by clicking the ‘Create’ button on the Dungeon Maker leaderboard screen.)

To view and play through any published dungeon, click on the ‘Dungeon Maker’ button found on the ‘EQII’ menu. Here you will see a list of all currently published dungeons. Choose any and click on ‘Enter’ to start your play through!


At last, the Beastlord class returns to Norrath. Seek out new animals throughout the world to train as your warder pet. Work with your warder to build up your strengths and exploit your enemies' weaknesses. Build up Savagery with your Warder to trigger powerful Primal attacks! In the Age of Discovery, Beastlords walk the lands of Norrath once again!

To create a new Beastlord character, look under ‘Scouts’ during character creation.


The return of Lucan D’Lere to Freeport has given the city new life and purpose. With his iron hand once again on the throne, the citizens of Freeport have been commanded, coerced and dragooned into overhauling the city’s appearance and reorganized to be more efficient and responsive to Lucan’s will. Of course, this is still Freeport, so dissention is always brewing just under the surface, but Lucan’s firm grasp on command keeps most people tentative about their resistance currently.

Storyline Quests

  • Players can speak to Serris in the Freeport Militia House to begin doing work for Freeport.
  • Players can speak to The Forgotten to continue doing work for Freeport once they are level 40 and have completed the level 20 storyline quests.

Racial Quests

  • Sarnak players may wish to visit the Gorowyn Chancery and speak to Ambassador Erazak.
  • Half Elves should seek out Thavian Destrus on the docks near Seafarer’s Roost.
  • Gnomes should seek out Professor Flimflam located at Inventor’s Outlook.
  • Dark Elves should seek out Dyymona K'Vexx located inside The Academy of Arcane Science.
  • Erudites should seek out Azreana located inside The Academy of Arcane Science.
  • Ogres should seek out Kroota Gukbutcher located in the Dreadnaught’s Plaza.
  • Arasai players should visit their new embassy and speak with Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath.
  • Freeblood players should seek out Glaria in the Jade Tiger Inn.
  • Human players should seek out Derald Walldons on the Overlord’s Perch.
  • Iksar players should seek out Zulk Veskk just outside the doors to the Scale Yard.
  • Kerra players should seek out Caltuur, just outside the Freeport Block and Tackle.
  • Ratonga players should seek out Sneel Valiyn near The Academy of Arcane Science.
  • Troll players should seek out Nelik Ulnya on the docks outside of the Freeport Block and Tackle.

Class Quests

  • Mages will find quests being offered by Librarian Motius Feldarn at the Academy of Arcane Science at level 20+, and then Foci Tamara Paust at the Academy of Arcane Science at levels 40+, 60+ & 80+.
  • Fighters will find quests being offered by Corporal Sergius Mordanticus at the Freeport Militia House at level 20+, and then Grand Duke Lazarus Hazran at the Freeport Militia House at levels 40+, 60+ & 80+.
  • Scouts will find quests being offered beginning at level 20+, by seeking out Galla Silverwing, Quartermaster Baile, and Vali’il near the docks of Freeport. Scouts at level 40+ can then find work with Privateer Twitchwisker, and finally with Captain Siren at levels 60+ and 80+.
  • Priests will find quests at level 20+ by seeking out Administrator Frugi, Kenth Lanringe, and Belimee Viperwing at the Temple of War. Priests at level 40+ can find work with Gisuka Voll, then with Grand Inquisitor Nethal L’tylex at level 60+, then finally with Gisuka Voll once again at 80+.


As you travel the lands of Norrath, keep your eyes open for mercenaries who may be for hire. Is your group short-handed? Now you can hire a brave companion to fight by your side, filling a spot in your group or assisting you in a duo. Coin talks, and the mercenaries of the shattered lands are eager to listen. Be sure to watch out for rare mercenaries who may not normally be available, but who will serve you well and faithfully for a limited time.


Ever obtained an item that's just not quite what you wanted? Using the reforging system, you will be able to reconfigure your items to change their stats and even add particle effects!

Reforging specialists have appeared in Freeport and Qeynos (look for the tag)!

  • These specialists will allow you to tweak stats on your Legendary, Fabled, and Mythical equipment via a new “Reforge” window.
  • You can revert the reforging process via the “Restore” tab at any specialist.
  • These specialists will also allow you to attach a Decoration to your weapon.

Decorations add particle effects to your weapon.

Decorations are available via various means throughout Norrath.

There are several tiers of decorations.

  • The higher the tier, the more elaborate the effect.
  • The first tier is available for purchase from Reforging specialists

To add a decoration to your weapon, drag and drop your decoration into the decoration slot in the “Reforge” window.

  • Reforging stats and adding a decoration to a weapon must be done at the same time.
  • You can revert the reforging process via the “Restore” tab at any specialist.


Claim your tradeskill apprentice and gain your very own minion! Put your apprentice to work researching new recipes for extremely powerful items specific to your tradeskill class. Coach your apprentice to make his or her research more efficient; gain XP and rewards as well as recipes as your apprentice gains in skill.

  • Tradeskill Apprentices can be found at the major crafting hubs in Freeport and Qeynos.
  • You must be a level 10+ tradeskiller to mentor a Tradeskill Apprentice.
  • In exchange for a roof over their heads and tutelage, Tradeskill Apprentices will research recipes to share with you.

This research takes a good amount of time, so choose your desired recipe research wisely.

Up to 100 new recipes for each Tradeskill Class, spanning from level 10 to 90.

These recipes produce powerful items, all of them with unique effects, and many with unique appearances!

Additionally, 10 unique Reforging decoration recipes are available for research.

You can mentor your Tradeskill Apprentice once per day to speed up their current research task.

  • You can also help your apprentice via a daily quest. This will further speed up their research.You can customize the uniform and name of your Tradeskill Apprentice.


The Dismal Rage seek the aid of brave adventurers as they battle the rising undead in The Commonlands (find them near the entrance to the Graveyard).


  • On some machines when turning Multi Sample Anti Aliasing to anything other than "None" the UI would disappear until the game is restarted. This should be fixed now.
  • New characters will no longer have racial abilities automatically populated in their hotbars.
  • Fixed a bug with flying mounts and the cannon in Moors of Ykesha.


  • Trial accounts can no longer vote for houses in the leaderboard system.


  • Den of the Devourer
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the hatchlings from attacking in the Den of the Devourer.
  • Kael Drakkel
    • Sorleyt Taskill will hand out Kael Drakkel missions more reliably.
  • All Drunder x4 raid zones [Challenge Mode]
    • All basepop mobs have lower max health. Boss mobs in challenge mode drunder zones (Sullon, Tallon, Vallon x4 raid zones) do less spell and melee damage.
  • Tallon’s Stronghold [Challenge and Normal Mode]
    • In the General Zevitus fight Combat Madness is now cureable as a curse. If you cure it it does not go away, but simply jumps to a new player immediately rather than when it would expire normally.
  • Tallon’s Stronghold [Challenge mode]
    • During the Lieutenant Klaatuus fight the aviak trooper adds spawn less often, and Klaatuus will no longer memwipe to players holding or near the totem.
  • Vallon’s Tower [Challenge Mode]
    • During the Gindan Commander Angler fight the Diaku Deceptors spawn less often.


  • Players with the Age of Discovery expansion can now earn up to 320 Alternate Advancement points.
  • Characters hitting level 10 will automatically be granted 5 Alternate Advancement points. Characters above level 10 logging in for the first time will gain a small amount of Alternate Advancement experience.
  • Fixed a bug where spell double attack chance was no respecting values less than 1 but greater than 0.
  • Altered the description text on spells that give or take away potency and pvp potency to have a more uniform description.
  • You can now buy Singular Focus from your class trainer NPC. This ability allows you to turn off AE autoattack from melee, ranged and spell weapons.


  • Medusa Gaze now can complete Arcane Storm.


  • Altered the description of the tradeskill AA "Conservation of Mass" to give more information including proc rate and effects.
  • The proc rate of the tradeskill AA "Conservation of Mass" now increases as you increase rank.
  • The proc "Conservation of Mass" will now only proc when you complete crafting a pristine item, and not while crafting the item.
  • Repair Materials and Pristine Repair Materials are now flagged heirloom.


  • Many items that were designed to be sold to a vendor can no longer be listed on the broker. Items like these that already exist on the broker have been taken down and cannot be relisted.
  • Petamorph Wands are now toggleable.
  • The Station Marketplace casino games can now be played. The result of the spin/roll will be random and all players will see the same result.
  • Brute's Unyielding Hand Wraps, Cenobite's Unyielding Hand Wraps and Cenobite's Prodigious Hand Wraps have had haste added to them.
  • Fixed a bug where a few items would not properly auto equip when there was already an item in that slot.
  • Fighter helms that drop from the Tower of Vuul should now have critical bonus applied to them.



  • The Stormhammer signature quest now spawns Xicotl at the appropriate level for the quest.
Timorous Deep
  • Primary Sha’Ki is now more willing to give out The Chain of Command after players have completed work for Ku’Uul.
  • The Encyclopedias of Mutigenica will no longer tell the whole zone you already have the book.


  • Fixed a bug where elemental blast would not work on some NPCs.


Freeport – a city reborn. In the past, Freeport was one of the two major human settlements in Norrath. It was the main port for trade and travel between Antonica and Faydwer, and was known as a lively center of commerce. During the Age of War, Freeport stood against the Rallosian Army in the Battle of Defiance, and was victorious when (as the story goes) Sir Lucan D'Lere defeated the Avatar of War using the mighty blade known as Soulfire. Sir Lucan claimed the blade and the city of Freeport, as his own from that day forward.

Sir Lucan D'Lere ruled over Freeport with an iron fist, squelching all threats to his rule of the city. Sir Lucan ruled for lifetimes, his own existence extended by dark and secret methods. To oppose the Overlord meant a swift death, and any attempts to overthrow him were dealt with harshly. The Overlord trusted few others, and only his most trusted advisors were allowed an audience with him. However, Sir Lucan found his trust in one companion misplaced.

Tayil N'Velex, once one of Sir Lucan's closest companions, betrayed him in an attempt to take over Freeport for her own ends. The kidnapping attempt was successful and both the Overlord and the sword Soulfire, were taken from Freeport by agents of a power being known as Rohen Theer. Tayil took over the reigns of the city but in the absence of the Overlord, Freeport fell into chaos. The various factions of the city began fighting with one another, looking for control and influence in the vacuum of power. Freeport was a city at war with itself and was close to collapsing in the civil war.

Sir Lucan was freed from the clutches of the agents of Theer, and has returned to Freeport. As soon as he returned, he immediately set to repairing the damage done by the infighting during his absence. However, rather than simply repair walls and street signs, the Overlord ordered a complete overhaul of the entire city. One that would reflect the personality of the man who rules Freeport, one that would impress upon those who enter the gates that this city belongs to Sir Lucan D'Lere, and to him alone.

Game Update 62 Includes:

Revamped Freeport:

  • Over 130 new quests - including new racial, archetype and Freeport storyline quests!
  • An absolutely amazing visual facelift!
  • The zone is now seamless!
  • A note on housing in Freeport: if you had your house in one of Freeport's hoods (Scale Yard, Temple Street, Big Bend, Longshadow Alley, Stonestair Byway, or Beggar's Court or within the Blood Haze Inn), your house is now conveniently located in the Jade Tiger Inn.

EQII Share:

  • EQII Share is our latest in-game feature which allows you to broadcast your accomplishments in EverQuest II to your favorite social media accounts. Track your accomplishments such as Achievements, Character Levels, Tradeskill Advances, Boss Kills and more! You will be able to set up EQII Share right from the EverQuest II launcher. You can broadcast to one account or to all of your accounts.

Game Update 62 comes out December 6, 2011 along with EverQuest II's eighth expansion: Age of Discovery and Free-to-Play! [1]

Game Update #62
December 6, 2011


  1. ^ Freeport Reborn Overview on the EQII Official Forums.
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