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One of the most important things to an enjoyable gameplay experience is that your computer itself can run the game! Getting 5 FPS while fighting that opposing mob is not going to help the enjoyable, least of all your success at a quick and decisive response to the battle challenge.

Below are some of the choices within the game you can set, depending upon your systems performance levels. Please keep in mind that while the beta is currently ongoing, many of these options are disabled and unusable. Many options also are not even visible at this time. This section will be filled in more completely upon open beta phases and release of the game.

User Settings

We will make this section as simple as possible, while still be direct and effective at tuning your system for optimal gameplay experience. Fortunately for Warhammer Online, as opposed to many other MMOs currently on the market, it does not have as much of a need for serious performance tweaking.


  • Windowed: Set this to slightly below your 'Full Screen' mode in order for maximum effectiveness. This allows you to view desktop items in front of or behind the game window.

  • Full Screen: If you have an LCD monitor, set this to the maximum resolution for best visual quality. You may need to turn this down if the game becomes choppy.

    • For wide-screen monitors: 24" = 1920x1200, 22" or 20" = 1680x1050, 19" = 1440x900, 17" = 1280x800
    • For full-screen monitors: 20" = 1600x1200, 19" = 1280x1024, 17" = 1024x768


  • Master Volume: Try to set this to maximum, adjusting the other settings below. Only turn this down when your overall game sound is too high (such as when mom walks in and yells at you for not cleaning the dishes from dinner...). You can also completely disable this option by unchecking the 'Enabled' box.

  • Effects Volume: Adjusting this will turn up or down the battle sounds, birds chirping in the air, and other general and miscellaneous sounds you hear throughout your world adventures. You can also completely disable this option by unchecking the 'Enabled' box.

  • Music Volume: Adjusting this will turn up or down the music of areas. You can also completely disable this option by unchecking the 'Enabled' box.


  • Use First Person View: Check this if you wish a more 'first person shooter' experience.

  • Invert Mouselook: This determines whether your screen moves up if you move your mouse up, or down. Same for left and right movements.

  • Player fade: This will cause your character to become translucent in situations that help you to see things in front of your character. This is only useful and noticeable if 'Use First Person View' option is disabled.


  • Fade Text: Checking this box will fade text after a certain time period.

  • Visible Time: Set to a shorter time if you wish text to be removed from the screen after a shorter time.

  • Scroll Limit: How much text do you want to be overall viewable on a scrolled page? Unlimited is recommended.


  • Other Players: Check this box if you wish to view other players' names.

  • Your Self: Check this box if you wish to view your own name on the screen (useful only if 'Use First Person View' option is disabled).

  • Monsters: Check this box if you wish to view monster names on the screen.

  • Target: Check this box if you wish your target's name to appear on the screen.


  • Target: Unknown at this time

  • Mouse-Over: Unknown at this time

Display Arrow Over Current Target

  • Enabled: Check this box if you wish to display an arrow over a target when the target is selected.

Game Play

  • Allow Auto-Queueing: Unknown at this time

  • Show ToolTips: New to the world? Checking this box will help you understand actions you perform while playing the game.

Action Bars

  • Lock Action Bars: You may wish to check this box if you do not want to accidentally move around important battle windows while exploring the game world.

  • Okay: Saves current settings and closes window
  • Apply: Saves current settings, leaving window open for further edits
  • Reset: Resets settings to default values
  • Cancel: Cancels any changes you've made and closes window

Warhammer Online

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