Glory of the Hero Achievement Guide (WoW)  

So you've decided you want to be a Hero. You want to go farther than others, you want to have something to be proud about. And maybe, if you're quick enough, you want a nice little Red Proto-Drake. Let's face it, one of the cool parts of an MMORPG is showing others that you've done more or can do more than they can. The Glory of the Hero Achievement is one of the most accessible bragging right achievements out there.

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Things to Know

Before you set on your way to becoming a hero, there's a few things you should know.

  • Know the Fights: It's no secret to most people now, instances in WotLK are fairly easy but if you don't find them easy, you might want to reconsider sitting out for this achievement. So easy in fact, that it's quite possible to simply plow through most bosses, unaware of what they actually do to you. Most of the boss fights when going for achievements however, become much harder and longer and knowing exactly what the boss is doing often becomes a key part of succeeding.
  • Know the People: It's usually better to find a group of like minded people who are also going for achievements. Those people should be guild members or anybody else you trust and know has a good player. Your average pug won't be able to do achievements, nor will they be willing to wipe several times in order to get some of the trickier ones 'right'. This also allows you some kind of control in setting up the perfect group if needed.
  • Know your Limits: Which could also be seen as 'know your gear'. When I said earlier that if you didn't find Heroics easy, you might want to reconsider - I wasn't saying it to be elitist. A lot of those achievements are very demanding on character performance as well as execution. If you're not pulling the proper dps, if you're not healing enough, if your tank isn't tough enough and if you easily get overwhelmed by having to handle more than two things at once... you either need to learn your class better, get more gear or all around get better before you can complete those. In short, if you're the kind of person that can't do Heigan's dance or Sartharion without getting hit by Void Zones and Lava Walls, you'll probably end up getting frustrated.
  • Know the Strategies: And this is why you're reading this - some of the achievements are pretty obvious. Others requires some creative thinking to get there. Sure, you can go out on your own and figure it all out for yourself. More power to you. Or you can read this :).

While using potions, flasks and food isn't necessary, using them may help bridge the gap for lower geared players and will make things easier for top geared players.


Before we get started, I'd like to point out that I'm not claiming this is the only way to do things or even the best way to do things. But this is the way I've done things and well, I know for sure that everything written in here actually works. My 'core' group was a Death Knight (Tank), a Priest (Healer) as well as a Rogue (Combat), Warrior (Fury) and Mage (Arcane). We also had a Shaman (Elemental), Warlock (Destruction) and Paladin (Retribution) we rotated in. Since everybody wanted all the achievements, I've actually done some of them several times.

Achievements: How to get them done

For ease of reading, the Achievements will be broken down by the instance they belong to. You can also use CTRL+F and the name of the Boss or Achievement in order to find the one you're looking for.

Utgarde Keep

You won't spend much time in Utgarde Keep, there's only one achievement here and it's on the first boss, on top of being a fairly easy one.
On The Rocks - Defeat Prince Keleseth in Utgarde Keep on Heroic Difficulty without shattering any Frost Tombs.
This one is fairly straightforward. Prince Keleseth will randomly ice tomb one member of the party. This stuns them (preventing them from doing anything) and deals damage over time to them. Normally, you'd want to break the tomb by attacking it to free your friend... here, you simply don't do it. You can't use your pvp trinket or other abilities that would break you out of it either. Dealing with the skeleton adds can be a bit tricky because you want to avoid using AoE attacks as much as possible, since you don't want to break the tombs by accident. It's simpler to simply have the tank move away from any ice entombed melee. The healer has the hardest job here, since he needs to keep the tank up and whoever else gets ice tombed. Also, the tomb lasts long enough that he'll usually use ice tomb again before the first target has even thawed out, causing a few second where you will have two tombed players. If the tank get tombed, you'll need someone capable of off-tanking him for the duration - Prince Keleseth deals almost exclusively shadow damage via his shadow bolt, so high armor isn't important for this. If the healer gets tombed, then you need to survive the boss for the duration of the tomb with no healing (this is typically where the tanks use their cooldowns) - the healer should work on keeping himself at full health at all times to prevent this from being lethal and wiping the group.

Utgarde Pinnacle

Utgarde Pinnacle has 4 achievements, however none of them require a specific group composition and the 4 achievements can be done in 1 run.
The Incredible Hulk - Force Svala Sorrowgrave to kill a Scourge Hulk on Heroic Difficulty in Utgarde Pinnacle.
The trick here is to get one of the nearby abominations (there's one in the back of the room and one in the corridor that leads to the next room) to be on top of the small platform when Svala uses Ritual of the Sword. When the Sword hits the abomination, he will get a DoT debuff that will take off about 10% of his health. If the debuff kills him, you get the achievement. Rather than repeating this 10 times, it's a lot easier to simply get the abomination to less than 10% health and have him get killed by one sword. As such, you'll need a player capable of being a decent off tank (anything that can wear plate or a druid will do). The main tank should engage the boss normally while the off tank goes and pulls one of the abominations. DPS needs to lower the Abomination's health to a sliver, below 10%. The healer obviously needs to keep everybody up. When Svala uses her Ritual, you need to kill the 3 adds as soon as possible so that the trapped player can move out, then you drag the abomination so that he's squarely on top of the platform and gets hit by it. If the off tank isn't careful with positioning, he might also get hit (which will most likely kill him).

Do note that you do not need to kill Svala to earn the achievement, so even if the off tank dies, or the Ritual's victim dies or in any other shape or form you end up wiping - you still get the achievements as soon as the abomination dies from the Ritual's DoT.

My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time - Defeat Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty after having killed Grauf from 100% to dead in a single pass.
The way I've done this achievements also always allowed the group to get Lodi Dodi We Love to Skadi in the same encounter. While there's certainly a way to do both achievements on their own... why bother? Start by triggering the gauntlet by running at Skadi, then run all the way back and get in the little room where his undead Vrykul spawn. You'll have to kill the Vrykul that comes running your way, but that shouldn't be to much of a problem. Once you're inside the room, you won't have to worry about Grauf's frost breath. Just kill the Vrykul as they appear (after the initial wave, things slow down considerably) and loot 6 harpoons (or more if you want to play it safe) - it's better to have the harpoons split up between 3 players rather than have one player with all 6. Once you've got six, run out of the gauntlet area and back into Gortok Palehoof's room. This will reset the fight, but will not make you lose your harpoons.

Skadi will take a few seconds to respawn, before he does, quickly run back to the end of the gauntlet and hide in the room where you got the harpoons and have one of your dps run back toward Skadi, this will trigger the event. Your tank needs to be ready, because the initial wave of 20 or so Vrykul will spawn right away on top of your group, just AE them down. When you see the emote that says that Skadi is within reach of the harpoon, have your harpoon holders run over to the guns, and spam him. Unless your groups has a very bad timing or you didn't get enough harpoon, Skadi will fall. Simply finish him off and you'll earn both this achievement and Lodi Dodi We Love to Skadi.

Lodi Dodi We Love to Skadi - Defeat Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty within 3 minutes of starting the gauntlet event.
See My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time, those achievements are usually done in pairs. While there's certainly a way to do both achievements on their own... why bother?
King's Bane - Defeat King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty without anyone in the party triggering Bane.
This one only requires that you pay attention to Ymiron's cast bar. Before he gets to any of the boats (80%+ HP) he will use Bane from time to time. Bane has a 2 second cast time (It can't be interrupted) and then put a buff on him that deals damage to any who attack him (DoTs don't count) for 5 seconds. So simply put - don't attack him when Bane is up. Just hit Esc on your keyboard when you see him cast it and resume the beating after the 5 second has passed. If you have a Priest or a Shaman, Bane can even be dispelled. Since he only does this ability for the first 20% of his health, a good geared group will usually only see one of those.

The Nexus

Ironically, for such an easy instance, the Nexus holds one of the hardest achievements. None of them requires a specific group composition however, and they can all be done in a single run.
Split Personality - Defeat Grand Magus Telestra in The Nexus on Heroic Difficulty after having killed her images within 5 seconds of each other during both splits.
The concept here is fairly simple - have 1 dps assigned to each of her personalities. The dps need to get them down slowly, making sure to interrupt as many of their casts as possible. Once they're at 5% or so, the dps should stop and wait until the 2 others also get within the same range. Then you round them up and AE them down. They should die within 5 second of each other. This is a concept that has been used for several raid bosses in the past, so most people should be familiar with it. This does draw out the fight's length significantly, so the healer needs to be on top of his game. No matter how good your dps is, she always splits two times. Despite the achievements being quite easy, this took me forever to get - I didn't listen to my own advice and went with groups that I didn't know, and that caused a lot of failure.
Chaos Theory - Defeat Anomalus in The Nexus on Heroic Difficulty without destroying any Chaotic Rifts.
This is one of the hardest achievements in the game, mostly because of the numbers you need to pull. It is extremely demanding on the healer. The first thing to do once you get in the area where Anomalus is standing is to clear the room between him and the area for Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, you will need plenty of room to 'kite' this boss, and the last thing you need is to get aggro from some uncleared group of mobs. Once that is done, you engage Anomalus and ignore the Chaos Rifts. He'll spawn one randomly, and then at every 20% health or so, he'll shift into an unattackable bubble, spawn 2 more rifts (which you still ignore) as well as several non-elite Mana Wraiths. What you want to do here is fall back, making your way toward Ormorok's room, until only the tank gets zapped by the Chaos Rifts. The rest of the party needs to make sure they stand behind the the tank and that the tank is between them and the rifts at all time and that one he's the only one taking damage from them. The Wraiths will come over to you and you should AoE them down. Once [Anomalus returns to his normal shape, he will come for you. Just dps him down again until he repeats the cycle. As the fight goes on, you'll go down the platforms where Anomalus is initially standing and down to the floor, be mindful that Rifts stay up during the entire fight and the party may need to change its position in relation to the tank in order to have him stay between them and the rifts.

Because of the numerous mana wraith adds and the fact that you'll have around 8 different rifts zapping your tank during this fight, the tank will take an incredible amount of damage. Anything that can help lower magical damage will help here. This is a very demanding fight on the healer and can be simply impossible until your healer and tank get to a certain gear level.

Intense Cold - Defeat Keristrasza in The Nexus on Heroic Difficulty without allowing Intense Cold to reach more than two stacks.
Keristrasza has an effect called Intense Cold which deals periodic damage to everybody around her and also stacks if you are not moving. This achievement is about beating her without letting the stack getting higher than 2. The best way to do this is to simply keep jumping (just mash your space bar) and it won't get past one. However, she also uses Crystal Chains, which is very similar to the Mage's Frost Nova. This will prevent you from moving or jumping and is what usually makes the stack go over 2 (and ruins the achievement). There are several ways to counter it - it can be dispelled by anything that can remove magic and it can also be broken out of with the pvp trinket. However, she'll use it several times during the encounter, so unless you have a dedicated dispeller, you'll eventually run out of way to get out of it. If the group stands close to each other, a priest can mass dispel every cast of Crystal Chains, allowing everybody to get the achievement. This is an 'individual' achievement, meaning it's possible for 1 person in the party to get it even if everybody else fails. If you do not have enough dispel or a priest for Mass Dispel, you can always focus on 1 or 2 people and dispel them, making sure they get it, and then run the instance a few more times for the rest of the group.

The Oculus

You'll quickly develop a Love-Hate... well, just Hate-Hate relationship with this place. With 5 achievements, you'll most likely need to run this place 3 or more time. For the most part, Oculus is about the people, not the gear - you need people who understand how the drakes work and are good at controlling them. Otherwise, you'll never get anywhere.
Amber Void - Defeat Ley-Guardian Eregos in The Oculus on Heroic Difficulty without anyone in your party using an Amber Drake.
This void is probably the easiest one, but it takes a long time to do. The best way is to simply take 2 Red Drakes and 3 Emerald ones. The 2 Drakes will make short work of any adds Ley-Guardian Eregos summons and the 3 greens should be able to keep everybody up as well as keep touch of nightmare. This takes a very long time, simply because you have almost no dps.
Emerald Void - Defeat Ley-Guardian Eregos in The Oculus on Heroic Difficulty without anyone in your party using an Emerald Drake.
The first time I did this one, we simply took 3 Amber Drakes, 1 Red Drake and had our Healer stays on the platform in the middle and heal the Red Drake. With 3 Amber Drakes channeling Temporal Rift, the Red Drake easily kept aggro. The Amber Drakes used time stop to help control the adds and our Healer had no problem keeping everybody up. The second time, we did it by going with 5 Amber Drakes, which incidentally also gives you Ruby Void. The description for the strat is given in Ruby Void below.
Ruby Void - Defeat Ley-Guardian Eregos in The Oculus on Heroic Difficulty without anyone in your party using a Ruby Drake.
We tried this one with a mix of emerald and Amber Drake, and it simply didn't work. Without a Ruby Drake to handle the whelps, you can't go toe to toe with him. Kiting him with the Amber Drakes while the Green healed also failed, since the whelps would aggro the Green Drake and kill him. So we tried it with 5 Amber Drakes, it took a while, but it worked. So with 5 Amber Drakes, you need to simply beat him down. You want to have 4 Drakes using Temporal Shift, the other one uses Time Stop and then spam Shock Lance. Once the Temporal Shifters have 10 charge, they need to stop and use a Shock Lance and then resume. After 10 seconds, drake should use his own Time Stop (figure out the order before you start the fight). Eregos will be taking massive damage, since 4 Temporal Shift means all damage is increase by 400%. If you do it properly, he should get to his phase shift before he even spawns any whelp. If he spawned whelps, now is the time to kill them. At this point you need to move away from him avoid the bombs, and then repeat. The first Drake's Time Stop should be back by then.

If done properly, Eregos dies in about a minute and you take almost no damage. But there's very little room for error.

Experienced Drake Rider - On three different visits to The Oculus, get credit for defeating Ley-Guardian Eregos while riding an Amber, Emerald, and Ruby drake on Heroic Difficulty.
There's no real trick here, this achievement essentially means you need to run Oculus at least 3 times.
Make It Count - Defeat Ley-Guardian Eregos in The Oculus on Heroic Difficulty within 20 minutes of Drakos the Interrogator's death.
This one is pretty easy if you have a good group - people who know the instance. Anybody who has done a Void before will have no problem here. You just run the instance and make no mistake - no wipes. While you can go with 5 Amber Drakes for a faster kill on Eregos, I'd recommend just going with a 'normal' configuration (1 Red, 2 Amber, 2 Green) and as long as you don't die, you'll do it with time to spare.


Out of 3 Achievements in Azjol-Nerub, 2 are heavily gear dependent and simply won't be possible until you reach that threshold. However, with a solid group, you can do all 3 in one run.
Watch Him Die - Defeat Krik'thir the Gatewatcher on Heroic Difficulty Azjol-Nerub while Watcher Silthik, Watcher Gashra and Watcher Narjil are still alive.
This one requires a very high level of gear through the entire party. The way we did it was to simply charge Krik'thir right away and have the tank hold everything - The Boss, the 3 Watchers and the 6 adds - while the rest of the party went crazy on dps on the boss. The main issue is that it's only a matter of time before Watcher Gashra webs your healer, causing him to be unable to heal. The tank needs to use his cooldown aggressively, as he will take massive amount of damage and will even go for short times with no healing at all. This a race between your dps and the mobs, who will die first... your tank, or the boss? Although even if your tank does die, it's still possible to burn the boss before he kills everybody and earn the achievement. Update: With the nerf to DK tanks in patch 3.1, doing it this way will be much harder than it used to be. It was also pretty hard to do without a DK back then. An easier way to do it is to have a Rogue use Trick of the Trade on your healer and to follow it up with a Fan of Knives. This will get all the adds on the healer. The healer then runs back up toward the entrance and you dps the boss down before the adds come back.
Hadronox Denied - Kill Hadronox on Heroic Difficulty Azjol-Nerub before he webs the top door.
It's actually easier and faster to do Hadronox this way then the normal way. You'll need a Hunter or a Rogue in your group... or somebody who's willing to take one for the team and die. Essentially, you send that person in the room and have him aggro one of Nerubian Crushers to trigger the event. The trigger then needs to Feign Death, Vanish or Die - essentially leaving combat. This will cause the entire event to reset, giving you about 10 seconds where there's no mobs in the room. The rest of the party then runs down the room to Hadronox's spawn points and engages him as soon as he spawns. You should be able to kill him before you get overwhelmed by the adds coming down to fight him, then you only need to clear them up (or let them kill you, it doesn't matter).
Gotta Go! - Defeat Anub'Arak in 2 minutes or less. This requires very strong dps to kill him, and clear out the phase 2 elites within 2 minutes. There's no trick to it, you just need the dps to be there.
This is another one that relies mostly on your party's gear. You have to burn through the boss and burn through the adds he summons during phase 2. It's all about speed. Having a tank that knows how to avoid Pound also helps greatly, since it means the Healer can heal dps instead of wasting time topping the tank back up.

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom holds 1 of the hardest achievements in the game and once again requires a good level of gear in order to even attempt. Some of those achievements requires a certain group composition, and unless you have people willing to sit out to let you rotate newer folks in, it's unlikely you'll be able to do them all in one run.
Respect your Elder- Defeat Elder Nadox in Ahn'kahet on Heroic Difficulty without killing any Ahn'kahar Guardians.
The challenge here, is that the Guardians have an 100 yard aura that makes the boss invincible. So you need to make sure the boss is farther than a 100 yard away from his guardian at all time. To do this leave a player (usually a healer) in the boss' room and pull him away. The best spot to do this is probably here, right in front of the step that lead to him. The player that stayed behind needs to aggro the Guardians as they spawn (5 will spawn over the course of the fight) and heal himself. The plan is for your dps to kill the boss before the Guardians kill your healer. Depending on your gear level, you may need a second healer to do this. Nadox doesn't hit really hard, so a well geared tank who use his cooldown aggressively should be able to withstand his attacks for the minute or so it takes for your dps to kill him.
The Party's Over - Defeat Prince Taldaram in Ahn'kahet on Heroic Difficulty with less than 5 people.
This one is annoying, as the only thing there is to get it is to politely (or not so politely) ask for one of your dps to sit out. This means that if you're running with a dedicated group, you'll have to do Old Kingdom twice for this one. On the plus side, it's easy enough that you don't really need your dedicated group to get this one done.
Volunteer Work - Defeat Jedoga Shadowseeker in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom on Heroic Difficulty without killing any Twilight Volunteers.
This one can be very easy or impossible depending on your gear level - if your tanks/healers aren't geared enough to handle her enraged damage, then this is all for naught. You need to not kill the Twilight Volunteers that she summons every time she loses 25% health. This means she will sacrifice him and enrage, dealing massive damage. The tank will need to use his defensive cooldowns very aggressively. She can be disarmed however, which should be done as soon as she enrage to mitigate some of her damage. The main issue here is that her Cyclone Strike and Thundershock will essentially one shot anybody who isn't a tank, leaving very little room for error. Both of those attacks can be dodged with quick movement and even the tank should do his best to not get hit by Cyclone Strike. Technically, as long as the Healer can keep the Tank up and not run out of mana, the achievement can be done even if all the dps dies, but it will take a very long time.
Volazj's Quick Demise - Defeat Herald Volazj in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom on Heroic Difficulty in 2 minutes or less.
This one is tricky and quite difficult to do. The main issue with killing him under 2 minutes is the Insanity effect, which makes you waste a lot of time dealing with your Twisted Reflection. The Insanity can't really be avoided either, so you have to find a way to cut down the time spent in it. The way we've done it was to bring a Paladin and a Warlock. You make sure the Paladin gets Soul Stoned by the Warlock and when Volazj casts Insanity, you have the Paladin DI the Warlock. This will cause the paladin to die and the Warlock to be taken out of combat, so only 3 member of the party will be affect by Insanity and they'll only have to fight 2 Twisted Reflection, greatly lowering the time taken to get out of it. The Paladin can soul stone and the Warlock can turn of DI as soon as Insanity is done casting. Now Volazj will still do a second insanity, usually when his health is very low (like 5%), and this time you'll have to deal with all 4 Twisted Reflections. Just make sure you kill the healer first, and interrupt his casts. This is a lot easier to do if you have mostly melee dps, as they don't struggle as much as caster with their reflections. Once you snap out of the second Insanity, you then have to finish Volazj off.

The second time I did this, we only had 4 people (We were going for Party's Over) and figured we'd try it anyway. We went in, killed the first Insanity, then the Paladin DI'd our healer for the 2nd Insanity, I then used Raise Ally on the dead paladin and we killed him with 3 seconds to spare. This goes to show how powerful the 'DI trick' is, since it makes it possible to do this achievement with 4 people instead of 5!


Gundrak probably has THE toughest achievement to acquire in the game (Less-rabi), since it both requires a lot of gear and a specific setup - and such setup is then incapable of completing the rest of the instance. The other achievement ranges from incredibly easy to quite hard on their own right, but due to the specific set ups required for Less-Rabi, it's unlikely you'll be able to complete it all in one run.
Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes? - Defeat Slad'ran in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty without getting snake wrapped.
I actually got that one a long time ago while dpsing. The tank did a good job grabbing all the snakes adds, so I never got stunned. And that was that. Getting it as a tank though, can be quite a challenge, since you're grabbing all the snakes and they will attempt to stun you. Mainly it's about dps helping you kill the snake adds as fast as possible so they don't get a chance to stun you.
Less-rabi - Defeat Moorabi in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty while preventing him from transforming into a mammoth at any point during the encounter.
This is by far, the hardest achievement to get in my opinion. You have to interrupt from 4 to 5 transformation. When he's above 50% health, he cast Transformation every 10 seconds, when he's below, he cast it every 5 seconds. The lower his health gets, the faster the cast becomes. Once he's below 25%, you basically need super human reflexes in order to actually interrupt it. The basic trick then, is to pace your dps, and, making Moorabi lose 20% health for every transformation, making sure to interrupt them. Once he reaches 40%, you should be able to interrupt the 3rd transformation, you then blow Heroism and blow him up BEFORE he does another transformation. A Shaman is practically necessary for this. Having a Mage helps a lot, because Counterspell create a 8 second lockdown, meaning you'll then have 8 seconds to make him lose the last 40% health. It is highly recommended that you go into this with 4 DPS and 1 Tank - a healer will simply slow you down and the fight is so fast (Usually around 42 seconds) your tank should be able to survive the encounter with no heals.

When I did it, when we didn't have a Mage (DK Unholy Tank, Ret Pld, Enh Shaman, Hunter and a Blood DK). So we got him to 37%, interrupted his 3rd Transformation and I started counting to 5... when I reached 5, I hit Mind Freeze even thought he wasn't visibly casting yet and by the time the game registered my input, he was casting and I interrupted it at 0.1 cast. Call it luck, call it knowing how to count and having very good reflexes. The point is, I'm never attempting this again without a Mage.

What the Eck? - Defeat Gal'darah in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty while under the effects of Eck Residue.
A very easy achievement. All you have to do is make sure you get hit by Eck Spit while fighting Eck the Ferocious. The attack is a frontal cone, so just make sure you stand behind the tank. The tank will get hit by default. The debuff lasts for 1 hour, which is plenty of time to finish Gal'darah.
Share The Love - Defeat Gal'darah in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty and have 5 unique party members get impaled throughout the fight.
This one is an endurance fight and all about your healer being able to conserve his mana. Gal'darah switch to Rhino form at every slice of 25% health, so you want to dps him until he gets to 75%, at which point you pretty much just stop dps and wait... for him to impale you and your allies. He chooses his target randomly, but he will eventually impale everyone. The problem is that he's dealing his normal damage and you are all just sitting there getting wailed on... so the healer will need to keep healing, and if he takes aggro, the tank will need to taunt and build a bit of a threat lead. If he gets pushed out of the rhino phase, you just have to dps him down until he shifts again. Once everybody has been impaled, finish him off.

Drak'Tharon Keep

For the most part, the achievements in this place are more about execution then number, meaning even low gear players have a good chance of completing them. It's quite possible to get them all in one run.
Consumption Junction - Defeat Trollgore in Drak'Tharon Keep on Heroic Difficulty before Consume reaches ten stacks.
Trollgore will use Consumption every 10 seconds or so. What you need to do is to have the tank grab Trollgore at drag him to the bottom of the stairs. Meanwhile, the rest of the group goes up the top of the stairs and hides behind the ramp. When adds spawn to help Trollgore, the dps and healer on top should finish them off. Trollgore will then use Consumption and only hit the tank, getting only 1 Stack. The party needs to run down, get in a few seconds of dps, and run back out outside of Trollgore's consumption range (you only have about 10 seconds). You just repeat this little maneuver back and forth until Trollgore dies. If it's done properly, he really won't get high on the consume stacks at all.
Oh Novos! - Defeat Novos the Summoner in Drak'Tharon Keep on Heroic Difficulty without allowing any undead minions to reach the floor.
This one is extremely easy and often done by people without even realizing it. Simply have the entire party on the stairs, killing adds as they spawn. When one of the Necromancers runs over to Novos, have your tank run down, taunt them and bring them back to the party where they can be killed. Once all 4 Necromancers die, the undead minions stop spawning, you just have to clear up whatever is left and kill Novos to get the achievement.
Better Off Dred - Engage King Dred in Drak'Tharon Keep on Heroic Difficulty and slay 6 Drakkari Gutrippers or Drakkari Scytheclaw during his defeat.
While King Dred will summon raptors to help him in the fight, he won't usually summon enough for you to net the achievement. The best way to do this is to engage Dred, then pull the raptors in the pen behind him, focusing on killing them first. Whether you want to pull the raptors one at a time, dpsing them down before you move to the next one or to grab all 6 and AoE them down is really up to your gear level.

Halls of Stone

Another easy one to hunt for achievements in. None of them are extremely hard, although both Good Grief and Abuse the Ooze requires a certain level of gear to be feasible.
Good Grief - Defeat the Maiden of Grief in Heroic Halls of Stone in 1 minute or less.
The maiden has low hp for a boss, so in and of itself, getting enough dps to kill her within 1 minute isn't that much of a challenge. The real issue is her Shock of Sorrow, which incapacitates party members for 10 seconds, putting your dps at a screeching halt. The way to counter this is to jump inside one of her Storms of Grief as soon as you see her cast Shock of Sorrow. You'll get hit by it and incapacitated, but by then the damage of Storm Grief will pull you right back out of it. You'll then be able to dps her to your leisure. If you have a hard time killing her, you might want to bring a Shaman for Heroism/Bloodlust.
Brann Spankin' New - Defeat the Tribunal of Ages encounter in the Halls of Stone on Heroic Difficulty without allowing Brann Bronzebeard to take any damage.
Having a Paladin or a Death Knight tank really makes this one trivial. The tank simply has to make sure he aggros everything, dps can certainly help him by attacking anything he missed. Your Tank/Healer does need to be able to handle the damage the mobs are going to deal, but it's really nothing special.
Abuse the Ooze - Defeat Sjonnir the Ironshaper in the Halls of Stone on Heroic Difficulty and kill 5 Iron Sludges during the encounter.
The best thing to do is to bring Sjonnir close to the entrance and fight him there. This allows the group to run to the middle of the room (where he's initially standing) to avoid his lightning ring attack. One of the dpsers should keep an eye out for the Troggs that get teleported in to help Sjonnir, as they need to be peeled off the healer and brought to the tank. At roughly 20% health, Sjonnir starts to summon oozes as well. Those oozes will ignore the party and converge to the middle of the room, where they will merge together into Iron Sludges. When this starts to happen, dps should stop fighting the boss and move to the middle of the room. They only have to wait for the ooze to merge into Iron Sludges and then promptly kill them. Once you've got 5 slimes dead, you can go back and finish the boss and earn your achievement. The challenge here, comes from the fact that you'll want to hold off killing Sjonnir for a while, so he's free to rack up the damage on your tank. The healer needs to be particularly vigilant about keeping the tank up.

Halls of Lightning

Quite possibly the instance with the 3 simplest achievements, all of them just imply doing the fight normally but doing faster. You do need a certain level of gear, but you certainly don't need to be in all epics. Can't really be more straightforward than this.
Lighting Struck - Defeat General Bjarngrim in Heroic Halls of Lightning while he is Charged Up.
No real trick here, Charged Up doesn't change the fight or give Bjarngrim new abilities, all it does is increase the damage he and his adds deal. So this is the same fight, except harder. If you have the gear to do it, then it shouldn't be a problem.
Shatter Resistant - Defeat Volkhan in Heroic Halls of Lightning without allowing more than 4 brittle golems to shatter.
The main trick here is to not kill the golems, simply have the tank hold them or have a dps grab them, they don't hit very hard. You then have to kill Volkhan fast enough so that he doesn't have time to spawn and shatter more than 4. Once again, this is mostly a gear thing. Once your group's dps is high enough, you will usually get this achievement without even trying.
Timely Death - Defeat Loken in the Halls of Lightning Heroic in 2 minute or less.
Once again, this is all about having enough dps to kill him in time. You do lose some time while avoiding his Pulsing Shockwave, but even that really isn't an issue.

Violet Hold

The main problem with this instance for achievements isn't the difficulty of them, but the randomness. It can take you forever to get those achievements if you never get the boss you actually need.
Lockdown! - Defeat Xevozz, Lavanthor, Ichoron, Zuramat the Obliterator, Erekem, and Moragg in The Violet Hold on Heroic Difficulty.
A purely random achievement that means you will need to run VH a minimum of 3 times. There's truly no trick here, just run VH over and over again until you finally get them all.
Dehydration - Defeat Ichoron in the Violet Hold on Heroic Difficulty without allowing any Ichor Globules to merge.
You should tank Ichoron up the stairs near the entrance. The stairs will create a natural bottleneck for the globule as they try and come back for Ichoron, making them easier to control and destroy. You can totally trivialize this by having one of your party members use the Defense Control Crystals when the Globules are up. This will kill them all and deal massive damage to the boss. You just have to repeat it every time and you'll get the achievement. This does prevent you from getting the Defenseless achievement, but you can always get it on one of the other runs you'll have to do.
A Void Dance - Defeat Zuramat the Obliterator in The Violet Hold without killing any void sentries.
This one requires good dps and healing in order to kill the boss before he kills you. Since you can't kill the void sentries, the boss' damage will ramp up considerably the longer the fight goes, so you have to make sure to keep it short. Your dps and tank need to be on the lookout for Shroud of Darkness, since it can easily lead to a wipe if they attack while it's up. Having a dispeller remove it as soon as Zuramat puts it up makes thing a lot easier, but is not necessary.
Defenseless - Defeat Cyanigosa in The Violet Hold without using Defense Control Crystals and with Prison Seal Integrity at 100% while in Heroic Difficulty.
The easiest instance achievement in the game. I got it on my first Heroic VH run, which was also my first WotLK Heroic, and I didn't even notice there was an achievement for it. All there is to it is not letting the blue dragonflight hit the door... which should be no problem if your tank is worth the gear he's wearing.

The Culling of Stratholme

CoT has one of the rare achievements that isn't related to a boss, as well has one of the two achievement that is timed. It's possible, if unlikely, to do both at the same time... you'll most likely end up having to run this one twice.
The Culling of Time - Defeat the Infinite Corruptor in The Culling of Stratholme on Heroic Difficulty.
This achievement requires you to get to the Infinite Corruptor AND kill him within the 25 minute time limit. If you engage him and the timer run out, you don't get the achievement. The only piece of loot he drop are the Reins of the Bronze Drake and since mounts are pretty popular vanity item, it's usually not hard to find people interesting in this achievement. There isn't much to it however, you simply need to go fast. You need good enough dps, you need mana user that have enough mana regeneration and conservation skill in order to not need to drink and of course, you need to pay attention to town crier and go directly to the part of town where the elite groups spawns and you need to speak to Arthas as soon as possible. If you can start the town inn event with 14 minutes left, it's pretty much in the bag. Be careful during the gauntlet after the Town Hall, don't rush in, you'll probably end up killing yourself, go at brisk, but controlled pace. Once you're past the gauntlet, you simply go left all the way to the back to the street instead of going through the gate where Malganis waits. There, you'll find the Infinite Corruptor. He is actually a push over of a fight for any group that is solid enough to get to him in time.
Zombiefest! - Kill 100 Risen Zombies in 1 minute in The Culling of Stratholme on Heroic Difficulty.
This one was a lot harder to figure out than to execute. The first part of CoT (Before the Town Hall) has roughly 88 zombies in it. Those zombies keep respawning until Salramm the Fleshcrafter dies. Upon his death, they will respawn one last time, and then will stay dead for good if killed. So what you do, is that you clear the wave of elites (including Meathook) and engage Salramm, you than bring him inside the town hall and kill him there. Once he's dead, the 88 zombies will respawn and none of them will aggro you since you're the town hall. Arthas will eventually make his way there, and you can talk to him (if possible, do it at max range so as to not aggro any zombies) and start the town hall event. Once you're at the gauntlet, don't talk to Arthas and have your entire group wait patiently at the start of it. Your tank should then go back to the first part of the instance and body pull all 88 zombies - it's important the tank be free of any buff that deals retaliatory damage (Thorn Aura, Retribution Aura, etc) as he does this. He will take some damage, but players run faster than the zombies and he should be able to grab them all with no real problem and make his way back to the rest of the party where they can all be killed in a matter of seconds (Usually, one Arcane Explosion can kill them all, which looks pretty cool). The zombies are slow, they'll take a few minutes to get through the town hall, so be patient, it's important to wait until they're all at the beginning of the gauntlet, beating on the tank, before you blow them up, because you don't want to miss any. If done properly, this will take you to 88/100 and you'll have 59 seconds to kill 12 more... and look at that, there's a gauntlet behind you with just 90 zombies. Just charge the gauntlet and kill 12 zombies as quickly as possible, and you'll have your achievement.

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