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When an engineer wants to become Artisan Engineer he should choose among two ways: goblin or gnomish. The difference between these two types of engineers is only about the items that each type can craft. So, there are engineer items that both types can craft, items that only goblin engineers can craft, and items that only gnomish engineers can craft. Once you make your decision about the engineer type you want to be there is no way back, so this decision is very important for every engineer.

When I had to make my decision about this I found that there was very little information about. Then I found a lot of posts of engineers like "I wish I had taken the gnomish way instead the goblin one..." (or the inverse).

Being the main difference between both types the items they can craft, I thought that making a list with these items would be a good way to find out which way is the one I'd like more.

So, this little guide is just a list which cointains the items that every engineer can craft: the common items (top of page), the goblin items (lower on page) and the gnomish items (lowest of page). Note that this list isthe same one you can find in the Trade section of Allakhazam, but reordered.

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How to

Based on Rasmfrackn's Engineering FAQ v.1.05 and own experience.

To choose either engineer way you need both to have reached level 30 and 200 engineer skill. Then, visit your Engineer Trainer in Ironforge, Undercity or Ratchet to pick up the quest which initiate the process. At this point you will be presented a brief description of each engineer way, and you must choose one of them. Once again, there is no way to change mind once you have completed the quest, so think it twice before making your decision.

If you choose the goblin way, you will have to travel to Gadgetzan (Tanaris) to visit the Master Goblin Engineer. He will ask you to craft 20 Big Iron Bombs, 20 Solid Dynamite, and 5 Explosive Sheep. Once crafted return to him to complete the quest to become member of the Goblin Engineer Society.

If you choose the gnomish way, you will have to travel to Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale) to visit the Master Gnomish Engineer. He will ask you to craft 6 Mithril Tubes, 2 Advanced Target Dummies, and 1 Accurate Scope. Once crafted return to him to complete the quest to become member of the Gnomish Engineer Society.

(Note that these quests have no relationship at all with reaching your Artisan skill level, but only with choosing the type of engineer you want to become to.)

More information

You can find much more information about the engineer proffesion here: Goblin vs Gnomish Engineer: This guide and Allakhazam Trade section: check every schematic and final item links.

Final note

In the first version of this little guide I made some mistakes which prevented some people from seeing the point of the guide. I hope this new version has fixed those issues and it is much more useful now. Of course it will still contain errors and mistakes and I want to apologize in advance for them. Any comments, suggestions and corrections are more than welcome.

Parts of this page were originally written by Magu.

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