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Parties and Alliances

Adventurers in Vana'diel accomplish their goals by forming parties and alliances.

Most parties, which consist of between two and six players, are formed to gain experience or limit points, which are used to level up. Parties are also formed for other reasons, such as advancing through missions, taking part in BCNMs or battling low-level notorious monsters.

Alliances are formed when two or three parties join together. Alliances are most often used for large-scale events such as Dynamis and Limbus. Endgame linkshells form alliances when camping kings and high-level notorious monsters. Some bosses, such as the first-version Bahamut, also require alliances to be victorious.

There are many possible ways to form effective parties and alliances, but many setups are situational - meaning certain setups work best in certain situations.

This is a place to discuss building parties and alliances, and which types of setups work for different circumstances.

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Exp/Merit Parties

Mission/Quest Setups

Endgame/HNM Setups

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