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This page is a glossary of commonly used terms related to the ZAM Network Wikibase. This does not include terms that relate to gaming or a specific game. Some of these terms will apply to all wikis (such as Wikipedia), and some will be specific to our implementation of wiki.

  • namespace - A namespace helps to separate the links here by the type of page. For pages that are in a namespace, the part of the url to the left of the colon ( : ) is the namespace. Only officially defined namespaces are allowed. If you try to create a wiki page in an invalid namespace, such as [[Bludwyng:Test Page]], you would receive an error message when you try to save the page.
  • piped link - A link that has an alternate label defined to the right of the pipe character ( | ) will display the alternate label instead of the actual name of the target page, such as [[Actual Page Name|Alternate Page Name]].
  • redlink - A wiki link to a page that does not, yet, exist is called a redlink because, in the default color scheme, they are displayed in red. On different game subdomains they may not actually be red.

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