Ishalgen (Aion Zone)  

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Type Public Outdoor
Sphere Asmodae
Level Range 1-9

Flight Stations

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Map of Ishalgen

This is the starting zone for all Asmodians. You awaken on Aldelle Hill with no direct memory of your past but your basic skills (language and such) intact.


You awake, somewhat groggy, with scraps of an odd dream still holding on to the edges around your mind. But no time for sleep, you have work to do!

Captain Ulgorn wants to see you, in Aldelle Village. He tells you he has been watching you and sees something in you far beyond a simple raider. He has a few jobs he wants you to try your hand at.

His daughter is missing, again. She wants to be a raider, but her father says she is ill-suited to it and will never be able to follow orders. Willful, head-strong,and missing... what a great combination. See Boromer, first, and give him a hand (Thinking Ahead), then see if Nobekk has any clue which way Rae went. (The Search for Rae)

Second, see Derot at Anturoon Crossing, beyond Munihele Forest, and see if he has made any progress with raiding the nearby ruins. (Treasure of the Deceased)

Third, talk to Mijou. She has some idea that things may be amiss at the Odella Plantation. She thinks the Mau are up to no good. (Teaching a Lesson)

When you reach the Odella Plantation, take some time out of your busy schedule to farm the Dundun Farmers and Dundun Looklooks. They have some of the best drops in the zone, including Aldelle's Cloth Tunic (PW/AA) and the Spellbook of the Lake.

Standard Quests

Named Monsters

Image Name and Location Level Notes
Squzii Ironfist in Aldelle Hill 2
Hulker in Lake Tunapre 4 Hulker's Chain Greaves (PW/AA)
Hulker's Leather Leggings (PW/AA)
Hulker's Leggings (PW/AA)
Hammerhoof in Munihele Forest 6 Durin's Chain Boots (PW/AA)
Durin's Leather Shoes (PW/AA)
Durin's Shoes (PW/AA)
Rusty Threehands in Ishalgen Prison Camp 8 Kberun's Tome (PW/AA)
Note: For drops in the Notes column, we list only Superior or better drops on this table, and some of those will be a single link to a Set page. For a complete list of the drops we know about, see the mob's page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers from Region chat

  1. Q: Where is Rae?
    A: She appears twice. The first time she has been transformed into a Cute Ribbit at Verdandi's house in Munihele Forest. The second time, she is at the entrance to Hatata's Hideout, in an alcove on your left. (The Search For Rae, The Abyss Gate)
  2. Q: Where are the Sparkles/Methu Eggs/Ginger?
    A: The sparkles can be found all over Ishalgen Prison Camp, but they will not make Munin happy. What you want is the Methu Eggs or Ginger, and both are found in the Odella Plantation. (The Imprisoned Gourmet)

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